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"Transforming Obstacles into Opportunities"

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The world is in a time of unprecedented change and you are a being looked at as a role model for what's possible; are you ready to accept that position? 

From the outside looking in, you've got it all. And indeed, you've spent a lifetime to create a good life. You're proud of that and yet....

....You're almost embarrassed to say your emotional set point is at "happy-ish".

Life is okay, but you've been yearning to move beyond okay and into a life of more meaning and joy.  You're ready to re-ignite your spark, see the world with fresh eyes and create your next chapters. 

You know there's more for you to learn, to know and grow. 

You also know....this isn't about acquiring more stuff!!

It is about:

  • learning from your own unique life stories,
  • clarifying your beliefs 
  • leaning into and finding your truths and inner wisdom
  • developing your compass, so you'll never lose sight of your desired life vision

Embarking on that path and doing the inner work isn't meant to be done alone but if you don't belong to a religious community, or your friends and family aren't in the same space, it's easy to get discouraged. When I began my own journey to create a life more aligned with my values and vision, I felt adrift. 

Finding the right support, at the right time feels like a gift from above. I know, because when I finally found a like minded person, it was such a relief. And from one, came others, which sometimes felt like magic or a miracle, or both. Since then, I've had plenty of synchronistic situations arise and know there's more at play than you might think. 

The truth is, that as you begin to see how the universe is conspiring to help you, everything gets more interesting and fun. And that's just the start!

When you begin to see how your experiences are working for you and not happening to you, that's magic. One small shift and then old dreams re-surface or courage takes hold to start saying yes to new opportunities. 

So. Much. Fun.

If you're feeling called to explore more of your inner journey and claim direct responsibility for creating a more self directed, joyful, life giving life, check out my programs. 

They're not one size fits all, but they are perfect if you're ready to explore new ideas, learn about new resources and expand your circle. 


  • Frances Hickmott

    “Frances brings more than knowledge of growth practices designed to illumine our greatness and the blocks to it. She brings life experience around the ups and downs. She brings heart. She brings humour. She reaches out and reaches in and helps you feel normal and fully capable of stepping out of the old same old same old into a bright new world. ”

    Integrative Therapies


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Guide not guru

Figuring out your life on your own is possible but that's the long way around. I know because in my first business and most of my life, that's what I did.

When I began my own journey to create a life more aligned with my values and vision, I felt adrift. I lacked community and I wanted  guidance, but there didn't seem many options until...

A chance conversation with a member of a "traditional" book club.

Someone else seeking resources for personal and spiritual growth. From there, the circle expanded. New people, new ideas and an increasingly more interesting and enjoyable life arose, simply from expressing and then receiving the opportunities that arrived. 

Finding the right support, at the right time feels like a gift from above. You feel lighter, relieved that finally, you've met someone who shares your interests, is also dedicated to personal growth and creating a more fulfilling life.  

Since then, many synchronistic situations have arisen. They've taught me to become more aware and ready to use those moments for greater life satisfaction. 

The personal growth and self leadership journey teaches:

  • that to continue to learn and grow means taking full responsibility for your life, including becoming an active participant in creating the life you want.
  • that if you stay small, hide your talents, and refuse to explore what is possible for yourself, you'll never find the full measure of joy that awaits you

We are intended to be of community, but the right one, is integral to your creating the life and work that fills you up. 

Whether you are newly on the path of personal growth, or someone ready to go deeper, my programs, speaking and mentoring are designed to meet you where you are and then shine a light on where you could go.  

Discover how to bring your whole self into your life and work, and enjoy new opportunities and collaborations. All while filling you with more soul brimming  joy than you knew possible.