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Welcome Beautiful Change Making Entrepreneurs

The world is in a time of unprecedented change and your genius as a healer/teacher/creative and coach  is needed. 

You're longing to share your gifts of a better way to be, feel and live more widely so that more of the world can find the same peace, beauty and health you know is possible.  And...

..... you're ready to bring your magic, wisdom and deep insight to the world while allowing the flow of more clients, money and happiness to you. 

But when you look at current business practices that promote scarcity, competition and individual gain, your soul screams in protest.

The messages you’ve received is that business success is only found by those ready to put in big hours, be bigger than life and keep proving how great they are. Big, bigger, biggest.

And this message leaves you feeling flawed, alone, and scared.

This is NOT how you want to operate in the world.

You refuse to buy into the grind and striving to be number one, at any cost.

And so, you and your life giving, life changing energy continues to be hidden.

The Truth Is:

This is the perfect time to let your light shine. 

You can throw off the old ways of doing things and create a vision and strategies that work for you, and your unique way of doing things. 

Once you do:

  • You’ll discover the confidence to speak to your clients in ways that honor you and your work so that they know you are trustworthy.
  • You’ll know your value and your people love and respect you for making your offerings  from a place of integrity.
  • Your work will be found by those who need and want it so that you can  create even greater impact and an ever increasing flow of income. 
  • New collaborations and opportunities appear as if by magic allowing your special legacy to live long past you and create positive change for generations t step toward creating the life 
  • Frances Hickmott

    “Frances brings more than knowledge of growth practices designed to illumine our greatness and the blocks to it. She brings life experience around the ups and downs. She brings heart. She brings humour. She reaches out and reaches in and helps you feel normal and fully capable of stepping out of the old same old same old into a bright new world. ”

    Integrative Therapies

Guide not guru

Figuring out your business on your own is possible but that's the long way around. I know because in my first business that's what I did, but it kept me from having the reach and impact I dearly wanted. 

Fast forward a couple of decades and now I know what a difference the right mentor can make. 

Get the structures right, learn  easy and authentic ways to run your business in a way that's right for you.  

Discovering a different way of doing business opens the way to  new opportunities and collaborations all while filling you with more soul brimming  joy than you knew possible, not to mention a healthy bank account. 

As an author, speaker and mentor it fills my soul to help kindred spirits like you to achieve your goals.