Hello Friend, I’m so glad you’re here.

It was only a matter of time before our paths crossed because I can see that even with your impressive professional work record, there’s something else that’s been brewing just below the surface.

The world has changed, no doubt about it and it’s given you time to start quietly asking yourself, is there more than this?

Oh, you’re still kicking ass, taking names and performing even in this crazy time but you’ve been feeling restless to bring more of you into your life.

It’s unsettling because despite having achieved so much, you can’t get away from the feeling that there’s even more of you ready to find its way into the world, to emerge from the busyness and connect to something greater.

You can’t quite name it but it’s a yearning for creating and doing which isn’t related to your work at all.

You’ve tried to express to your friends, your partner, and even your favorite family member, but they just don’t get it. Maybe they told you -you’ve got it all, what more could you want? Or maybe you didn’t even try to have the conversation, because it didn’t feel safe.

My friend, that is why we were destined to meet.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

My mission is to help people at the beginning of their spiritual journey answer their soul’s yearning for creating greater connection and meaning in whatever form they choose to birth.

I’ve grappled with that yearning and come to understand how pivotal it is in creating a life of purpose. At every stage and every age.

Crafting life on your terms.

Self-leadership is guided by your self-awareness – your vision, values, and goals. When you know what’s important, then you can craft the life that has the greatest meaning. You become forward-thinking, willing to meet life’s inevitable obstacles while living, and enjoying the present moment. 

It’s the difference between following what others or society says and choosing to take responsibility for creating life on your terms. To act in accordance with your values and to create the goals which fill your life with meaning.

The journey is yours but you’re not meant to travel it alone. Let’s talk and see if we’re a fit to getting you across the bridge from where you are, to where you want to be.

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My Story

Try to find me in a picture before I changed careers – go ahead – I dare you!

I was the master of invisibility and if there was a picture to be taken I could disappear into the back row, behind someone or right out of the room!

Growing up I learned early and often that my value was “less than.”

I became a people-pleaser and deaf to my own wants, needs, and gifts.

Emotionally de-railed, my sense of personal self-worth was battered and left me feeling of little value.

Despite my rocky emotional start, I discovered that the ability to connect with others, provide a listening and non -judgemental ear, is highly valued.

Since then, I’ve come to understand the immense opportunities to become so much more than what we believe.

Your Story

With disruption comes opportunity, is this why you're here, searching for the answers to "what else" and "what next"?

Or, perhaps you're seeing with new eyes that your life puzzle is missing a few pieces and you're ready to complete the picture.

Your life doesn't have to be broken for you to know there's more and I applaud you for delving into the potential, your potential of bringing the best of you into the world.  

Rest assured that as you open to new possibilities, the universe will conspire to co-create with you in all your dreams.

Prepare yourself to experience the joy of challenging yourself to claim your whole life experience.

Frances has learned that the only true obstacle, after all, is our own attitude – the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves and the people and situations around us.

She challenges, educates, and supports all those she works with to look beyond what they think is possible for themselves, and dream big. To do more. Be more.