Book Excerpt – 2-  Accepting Responsibility

Single or in a relationship, assessing where you are and what you want, lies squarely on your shoulders. Attempts to offload why you are or are not doing or living the life you want, sets you back. If you don’t own it, you can’t have it.

Yes folks, this is called taking responsibility. And it takes courage.

One of the statements I had to let go of was– “it will be better when”. Whatever you are attaching this to, won’t. That sentiment is a deferral. Accepting “what is”, really seeing it, helps us to get where we want to go. Wishfully thinking otherwise prevents us from taking control and making the choices we need to make.

When my former husband said he wasn’t interested in trips south or outside of Canada, he was being honest. Telling myself that I could sell it to him somehow wasn’t an honest representation of the situation. No matter how much I wanted it to be different, it wasn’t going to be “better when”, because he was telling me the truth.

Standing quietly in the truth of your life

Assessing what is, right now, gives you the clarity to begin to create your vision. Take some time with this. You might find it uncomfortable when you start removing the layers of excuses and victim-hood and just stand quietly in the truth of your life.

What do you value? Who and what is in your life? What’s working and what isn’t? If something isn’t working, why isn’t it?

Do you know?

I ask this last and important question, because as I began the journey, I only knew a part of the answer. The rest came later.

As you begin asking yourself these questions, be kind. Practice some self compassion. This work is a little messy. Especially as you start to see where you’ve lived up to your expectations and where you’ve let others determine the areas of how you live.

It’s okay, you’ll be okay. In fact, if you really take the time and do the work, you’ll be better than okay.

Self leadership is about taking ownership, responsibility and yes, accountability. As dry as that might sound, or perhaps even a little scary, in truth accepting responsibility for creating the life you want, is the most liberating thing you can do for yourself.

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