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2 Weeks to Re-create Balance and  Return You to the Truth Of Your Inner Self

 This experience will help you to:

  • Awaken your inner wisdom
  • Enhance your intuition
  • Discover simple tools for ongoing growth
  • Improve your growth mindset
  • Decrease anxiety
  • Increase your confidence


Completing this program may lead to getting excited (again) about life’s potential,  a daily feeling of deep satisfaction, and an overall contentment.

AWAKE runs once a month.

Designed for those ready to up-level their personal growth, it's deeply partnered so you can experience lasting results.

Inner work doesn't mean you can't have fun...

Using a unique blend of activities and conversation

(with time to ask your questions and share your insights)

Awake might be the most fun you'll have re-connecting to your inner self.


  • Awake CAD 561.61 (including 13% HST)

    “Frances has helped me discover myself again and helped me to become the strong woman I am today as I was 30 years ago. If anyone finds themselves in a rut – not sure of how to get out of it, Frances is your answer. My thoughts on what to do with myself to have a more fulfilling life are now becoming a reality. I can do this! Thank you Frances for guiding me along the way with your questions and suggestions. ”

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Is this  program for me?

You’re likely ready for this experience if:

  • You’re tired of feeling uninspired about your life
  • You're interested in becoming a participant vs observer in your life. 
  • You’re willing to let play back into your day
  • You’re committed to making changes, even if it feels (mildly) uncomfortable
  • You have an “invest-in-yourself” mindset
  • You’re feeling compelled to move from "some day" to "this day"

You’re likely NOT ready to work with me if:

  • You prefer minimal accountability
  • You’re not open to trying new things which don't seem obviously connected
  • You prefer to watch general webinars which are less personal in nature
  • Creating change doesn’t feel urgent
  • You want to continue to  figure it out for yourself
  • Frances Hickmott

    “The results have been amazing. The program has re-energized my creative mind, the part that sees possibilities, connections and different perspectives. Each lesson brings increasingly meaningful insights and leads to reflecting on values and creating an ideal life. I came away with greater clarity on what is important, what I need to honour to nurture my spirit and greater trust in my intuition as a guide in making choices. Frances has been an invaluable support and mentor along the way, sharing generously of herself and helping me ground and apply lessons learned. I highly recommend Awake, particularly for those who may be at a cross-roads, setting out on a new path or who would benefit from support in rekindling joy in their life.””

I’m looking forward to hearing your story!

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