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                                                                       Open to Your Life Stories                                                                                              

Re-Discover  Joy 

       Become An Intentional Creator of Your Desired Life


 Are you ready to:

  • Unlock your unique and forgotten stories
  • Increase your clarity for your next steps
  • Enhance your appreciation and gratitude
  • Discover connections and new possibilities
  • Learn to see your life lessons
  • Deep dive into your values  


Possible side effects of completing this program:  increased curiosity, mind wandering, periods of self reflection, unexpected conversations,  and stopping mid-sentence to jot down an idea.  


You start the day and find that  ....

...... on your morning walk you choose a new path and discover a park full of sculptures. Artfully shaped and flowing one to the other with words raised above their smooth surfaces.  

As you look more closely, you realize they contain  your memories, your stories and you're filled with wonder. 

You know this isn't simply coincidence, because you've been feeling like you're ready to enter your new life chapter with some sense for who you are now and the legacy you creating. 

Intuitively, you know that this is a place worth spending some time and you're ready to go deeper,  continue your growth and explore how your stories connect you to where you are now and where you want to be.  

 Awake is a 4 week individual deep dive program that explores your world in a new way. Combining online course work, offline activities and, 1:1 conversations. This program is designed to help you find your stories, delve deeper into your unique life journey and re-ignite your joy.  Reawake your inner wisdom, open up to the opportunity and potential that surrounds you and embrace a more meaningful and purpose-led life.

Awake might be the most fun you'll have re-connecting to the stories of you! 


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Is this  program for me?

You’re likely ready for this experience if:

  • You’re open to new experiences as the gateway to greater self knowledge
  • You're exploring new opportunities to expand your life
  • You’re curious about what you might learn from a multi -faceted approach
  • You've participated in personal growth activities and are ready to take it to the next level  
  • You’re feeling compelled to be of greater service and are seeking ways to better define that 

You’re likely NOT ready for this program if:

  • You prefer minimal accountability
  • You’re not open to trying new things which don't seem obviously connected
  • You  prefer group programs in which there is less focus on you
  • You  don't enjoy talking about yourself 
  • Frances Hickmott

    “The results have been amazing. The program has re-energized my creative mind, the part that sees possibilities, connections and different perspectives. Each lesson brings increasingly meaningful insights... Frances has been an invaluable support and mentor along the way, sharing generously of herself and helping me ground and apply lessons learned. ”

I’m looking forward to hearing your story!

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