Your Mindset Impacts Your Writing


Have you ever thought about your evolution as a writer and what mindset you're operating from?

Psychologist Carol Dweck researches and writes about mindset, specifically the fixed and growth mindsets, and I only just put together how these impact us as writers. You see, in a fixed mindset, you gravitate to easy, or what comes “naturally”. Which means you find the topics that are easiest to write about. Which is fine, you can write a lot about what is easy, but do you really grow your skil…

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Your Calling is Calling

Change the world time FB 62

Are you paying attention?

When did you know you were a writer?” The podcast interviewer asked me.

I chuckled before answering.

“Even though I started writing stories when I was a child, I never thought of myself as a “writer”. The first hints happened when I overheard a work manager say how much she was struggling to write a memo. It was then I realized writing was never hard for me.  I suppose you could say that’s when I realized that I had some writing skills. It took a few more decades bef…

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Are You Breaking These Quoting Rules?


I read something today that made me laugh, and sadly that was not the intention of the quote. I’m sure it was meant to be inspirational, but it missed on two marks. The first was that it didn’t make sense. The second was that it is highly doubtful that the individual named as the source would have said such a thing.

Here’s the quote that was used.

“The mechanic that would perfect his work must first sharpen his tools. “

And who was attributed this pearl of wisdom? Confucius

Perhaps Confused …

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My Introvert Networking Cheats


I used to have extrovert envy, especially at networking events until…

I discovered two invaluable introvert networking cheats.

 I’m convinced that the networking “rules” that most of us have been taught, are written by an extrovert! You know, where successful networking is marked by speaking to as many people as possible over the course of an event.

Which, as an introvert, I never pulled off, instead watching in amazement as my extrovert friends moved about the room like the queen of the ball…

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Business, Another Part of Your Spiritual Path?


Is being in business just another part of a bigger spiritual journey for you?

As an entrepreneur who cares as much about making a difference as making a profit, you understand that doing your own healing work is what enables you to deeply serve those waiting to learn and heal through your work.

The truth is, you’ve come into business precisely because of a bigger vision of how you can serve. Something beyond what you could do working for someone else.

When you know that your biggest desire is…

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Speak Your Way to Business Success


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It's Your Stories People Remember


“Nobody ever asked me about the girls” she said.

I’d stumbled across an interview with author Lori Robinson, a music journalist.  

Intrigued, I listened to the author talk about being sent on assignments to interview the “big name boys” in music. Despite all the amazing women on the music circuit, as the title of her book points out, nobody ever asked about the girls.

Which leads me to think about my mom.

May 2nd marked the 20th anniversary of her passing and I think of all the things I didn…

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The Secret Power of Your Stories


There are some conversations and some people you just never forget.

Like Natalina.

I met her when volunteering in an adult ESL literacy classroom. She was from Sudan, a senior, brought to Canada to rejoin her family. She was quiet, but there was a sparkle in her eye and ready laughter during our lessons.

One day, during a lesson on families, we all brought and shared pictures of our families. As usual, we smiled and laughed a lot as I taught the words for son, daughter, father, mother.


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It's Time to Bring Your Success Path and Soul Path Together


Imagine for a moment that you’ve just finished work with a favorite client. Your session with them has ended and you both are filled with appreciation and happiness for your time together.

They’re delighted you’ve been able to take the essence of their ramblings and jumbled thoughts and as if by magic brought more form to them, as if you’ve read their mind.

They feel seen and understood in a way they never have before.

Where there was misunderstanding and embarrassment you’ve brought them cla…

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We're all Dog Paddling At the Beginning


Have you ever swum in salt water?

The water is soft, caressing your skin and as you lay back, you float effortlessly. A few lazy kicks of your legs and you are gliding.

You feel the sun, warm upon your face as you gaze up into the blueness of the sky and wonder at the ease of this new way of being in the water.

It’s unlike the freshwater lakes and swimming pools you’ve been before. It’s… Bliss.

Now, imagine that this is the experience for you and your client after they give you a happy yes t…

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