"Refinishing" Your Life to Allow Your Best Qualities to Emerge


Have you ever seen a piece of furniture undergoing re-finishing? There are several steps involved to take it from dull and blemished to a piece with all it's beauty showing through. Similar in a way, to our lives.

The pandemic has created a global awakening as people begin to take stock of how satisfied they are with their day to day situations. In some cases, we are beginning to see how we aren't bringing our best qualities into the world. Or living a life in alignment with the greater good each of us is capable of creating.

Clearly this is a unique time in history, in which we are globally experiencing a similar adversity and as such can converse and support each other. Everyone will have memories of the year 2020 and how it disrupted or changed their lives. Whether it seems it or not, that is also uniquely helpful, since many of us go through our adversities with very few able to share and provide support.

The benefit is that as you move through your experiences and perhaps decide that you can do better, there are people and groups around to help you. But first, just like that piece of furniture,  you have to decide if your life or parts of your life would benefit from undergoing the process of re-finishing. It takes work and time and a commitment to completing the efforts to bring about the desired result.

It's not always easy, sometimes it means taking things completely apart, but the end result can be beautiful.

Several years ago, I made just such a decision.

I'd faced several adversities including the loss of people I was close to and the emergence of a chronic injury. Everything had shifted and nothing seemed certain or remotely like a promising or beautiful reflection of the life I thought I would live.

With very little but a refusal to believe that things couldn't help but get better, I chose to "re-finish" my life and strip away all that wasn't serving me in a positive way. This meant a hard look at the behaviours of myself and others which had shrunk my inherent joy in my life.

A two word mantra - move forward

Moving forward, is now the quiet mantra in my life.

Each year, as I approach anniversaries of life changing decisions, I take time to pause and take stock.

In the past five years I have disassembled. Yes, the exact opposite of assembly.   To take apart, to break into pieces, to separate. To really examine each piece of life, so it can be cleaned, repaired and reassembled over time. 

 It's a crucial part of the journey and while there are challenging moments, hours and yes, even days; the forward movement is a conscious and highly meaningful one.

For the second time in five years I am once again alone and sitting in a tiny kitchen, filled with gratitude about how much "re-finishing"  enhances life.

Each time I've found, recovered and reassembled parts of myself, creating a brand new and beautiful version. Allowing even more of my talents and gifts to emerge.  The process has also meant that I've deepened into my confidence of an inner knowing and trust. 

It's a wondrous opportunity when we learn how to express and envision a bigger life, one with more impact and greater meaning. To do that however, means looking at the areas that aren't working or patterns of behaviour keeping us stuck and small.

Now, as I look back I know that what I make of my life is up to me. I define my boundaries. Accept or put aside the things, people and experiences that will either enhance my life or put me back into neutral.

Moving forward means pushing past self-limiting patterns

Looking forward, moving forward means pushing past self-limiting patterns and peeking into a new vision of what could be. To create it requires determination, persistence and consistency. I've learned that the more I do, well, the more I do.

A new acquaintance recently told me that I must be comfortable with risk. I'd say it's more likely that I don't want to risk not moving on my dreams.

Our lives, our very selves can appear as a jumble of unrelated parts, and no directions available. Then we just have to trust that we're up to the job. Interestingly, each time we do, there are unexpected new versions we hadn't realized were possible.

I've discovered everything from becoming more comfortable with my feminine side to trusting my decisions in the best course of action to build my business.

The journey has taught me that even after several re-finishing processes, that I'm made of pretty tough stuff and not likely to fold even when the weight of the world feels solidly on my shoulders. Even better, it's shown me just how beautiful life can be when we're willing to remove the old layers and get down to the beauty below.

Has this historic time period caused you to consider taking the chance to do some internal "re-finishing"? If so, what have you found and how are you moving forward?

Leave a comment and share what you've learned along the way.  

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