Fanning Embers Of Fun


Have you ever had that buzz, that spark of energy where from nothing came a flame, kindled by one little ember? Music is one of my embers. It is a stress buster, an energy giver, a backdrop and it is a creative force. As a result, as I begin more and more to understand all the ways it enriches me, I find ways to invite it into my life.

When you reconnect with something really important, that's how it feels. Like a spark has been lit, an ember long hidden fanned back into life. It is excitement and the desire to know more, do more and get going on it now. It's a bit like falling in love again.

Finding new ways to bring in an old love

Music is one of my loves. One day, scrolling through my Facebook feed, a local band I enjoy mentioned a site I had not heard of. Turns out it is international – always appealing to me, Created to showcase new artists and bring their music to people who really care about music. It is performed in small, secret locations. Secret, because the locations are people's homes or offices and are by invite only.

I am intrigued by the simplicity and by the goal to bring musicians closer to audiences that want to hear the music rather than talk through the sets. My immediate thought was – I want to be involved!

That's what I call a "soul nudge" or others might call intuition.Really, one and the same. It's guidance about what you should pay attention to or take action on.  When you get that surge of excitement, count yourself fortunate, because it can lead you to great things.

While my living situation doesn't lend itself to hosting such an event, volunteers are needed. Considering the options of how I might be able to help brings a zing of happiness. Those zings are also worth noting, especially if you're working in creating a more interesting and satisfying life.

Once upon a time I was far more skilled at ignoring or putting aside those bits of excitement because I was surrounded by naysayers. You know the people I mean, the ones who will give you 50 reasons why it's improbable, unlikely, impossible etc. etc. Their negativity, over time, became the ruling force for my life,

Don't douse it, fan it

It is a shame that I almost lost this important aspect of my life to the “go along to get along” syndrome.

I was in a relationship in which I chose the wrong battles to fight, or perhaps not enough of them. Music didn't seem like something I should have to fight for. Instead of allowing and finding opportunities to experience it I almost let it slip away.

Make no mistake, I have to take full responsibility for not pursuing this aspect of my life.

However as I begin to re-craft my life,  I see the loss it was.

When you are opening back up to the discovery of "you" by trying out different activities and meeting new people, this will bring you joy for the rest of your life. It's imperative to keep the embers of your interests alive.

For me it is music. For you it could be building model airplanes or competitive swimming or origami. Whatever it is, find a way to say yes and then step up and enjoy all the fun awaiting you.

The embers are there, just waiting for you to give them life once again.

Like everything else, when you say yes to something new, related to an area you love, it opens up new opportunities. Music is going to do that for me, who knows what's in store for you!

I can't wait to hear what you have found. Leave a comment and let others know what might be awaiting, if they are only brave enough to say yes!

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