What's Guiding Your Decisions? Fear or Possibility


I think it's safe to say that 2020 has been a year with a lot of fear and not a lot of thoughts about possibility. Mostly we've just been trying to cope with the changes and pivot to what needed to come next.

But, 2020 is almost done and with vaccinations beginning, we can begin to think about our futures again. How does that make you feel, excited, uncertain or maybe even fearful?

 This time period that we're in just now could best be called transition and it's not the easiest place to be, because there's just so many unknowns. Transition is really about being in a state of decision-making when you don't have all the information.

And that can be nerve wracking for those of us craving certainty. 

So what do we do when we're trying to get that holy certainty? Ask others of course.

Frankly, that's not necessarily the best course of action.

Especially because everyone is operating from their own knowledge and biases; and of course, emotional set point - fear or possibility.

With decisions come change and you know how most people feel about that

Whatever decisions you make are going to result in some type of change and we know how most people feel about change! 

When we say yes to change, make decisions that affect the trajectory of our lives, we are accepting the unknown. Fear and possibility give two very different messages.

Fear tells us “no good will come of that, stay here.” Possibility says “I don't know what the outcome will be, but I believe good things are possible.”

Sometimes we don't realize when we are listening to one or the other. or even what pieces of advice have influenced us.  Want to get married? You will likely get lots of input that might range from encouragement to disappointment. The same holds true for other decisions. For instance changing careers. You can count on receiving opinions about that too.

Let go of spread sheet decision making 

Often people try to make important decisions by creating a list of pros and cons, outcomes and consequences, flow sheet thinking. Data in, data out. Sure fire direction, set to go.

We want to avoid being wrong and the fact is, that what is wrong for one person isn't wrong for another.

Much of what we get from family, friends and even the community at large is based on their own abilities to grapple with fear and possibility.

If you talk to two people who almost drowned you may hear two different opinions about learning to swim. One of them might say, "don't go in the water, it's dangerous." The other might say, "After that experience I wanted to learn how to swim, and  I found I really loved it."

Whispers of intuition are your magnetic north

Listening to other people is a way to gather information, even perspective, but it should not be the deciding factor. What is? You of course.

What is the vision for your life? How do you want to feel, what things fill you with satisfaction? What kinds of people do you want around you, what dreams are within you waiting to be lived? No one can know that, except you.

How do you get from A to B, fear to possibility? Get quiet, get by yourself and get honest. Gut feelings, the whisper of intuition are your magnetic north.

If you are feeling pulled in a direction, if the idea comes over and over again, that's what you need to pay attention to.

It might be to pick up the paint brush, begin the music project, have the hard conversation, apply to school, don't go to school, settle down or cut all your ties. No one can know what dream or opportunities are waiting for you to choose. Only you.

Everyone has opinions, only you know where your magnetic north is. The question really becomes then, are your ears open to fear or to possibility?

How saying yes leads to the best kind of expansion

I have listened to both those whispers.

Fear nearly crushed my artistic potential, because I had come to believe my talents were as unworthy and invisible as me.

I felt alone until I began to step into the world of possibility and that's when the world expanded in ways my vision didn't even include.

From writing to speaking and now the immense joy in mentoring other creatives to finding ways to make money and staying in integrity with their souls. So fun and so energizing on both sides of the partnership.

What would happen if you said yes more often?

More possibilities popping up on how to create more impact in the world? 

 New people arriving from "nowhere" who similarly want to create positive change? Opportunities to participate in legacy making projects and ideas?  

This is the unspoken benefit of leaning in and taking ownership of those intuitive whispers. The ones that you may have pushed down because you've allowed yourself to be guided by fear instead of potential. 

Once I began allowing my own magnetic north to pull me forward and put the whispers of fear to the side, decisions no longer seems so heavy.

In fact the more I say yes to what could be, I see how much more expansive, light and fulfilling my life has become. 

Are you ready to explore the positive side of what could be? Contact me here, let's talk.

Let's make 2021 your personal come back year!



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