When Your Energy is Aligned, It's Easier to Play Big



Not to be Captain Obvious, but this year hasn't gone quite the way I thought it would. I know I'm not alone in that.

I certainly didn't see myself putting the speaking part of my business on hold and diving head first into expanding my mentoring/coaching to be the main thrust of my business.

Nor did I envision ending a relationship and moving into a new community.

And I for sure didn't expect that by doing so I'd be planning a future event that could go on to make massive impact for potentially hundreds of other people.

Which just goes to show, that by aligning your energy and leaning into life's transformative lessons you're going to continue to be surprised by what you can co-create with the universe.

That's not to say that sometimes it won't feel a little scary, but that's when the real magic happens. 

Here are 3 lessons to consider as you travel the path forward.


 1. Your journey impacts others, but is not a reason to stop.

When you start answering the call to follow your dreams and bring to life the vision you've held for so long, it's likely going to upend your life internally and externally. 

When I chose to change careers and become an entrepreneur, it meant consciously choosing to quit being invisible.  I invited courage and playfulness to join me. Then bravery arrived and I took on a greater presence in the world.

My vision of what is possible grew; my energy shifted as I became more aligned with how I'm meant to live and work. Suddenly, small and scared were no longer options. 

Growth impacts others and as such, you will have to make choices and live through the uncomfortable feelings that ensue.

Those internal shifts change your thoughts, ideas and maybe even desires. Which creates a ripple effect out to your friends and family. You've changed, but they may not and  then you feel the push and pull between what was and what is.

Your journey is just that and to move forward, you'll be faced with new decisions, despite the impact on others. If you don't, and try to be who you were instead of embracing your growth, you risk  physical, emotional and spiritual injuries from trying to force yourself back into a space that no longer fits. 

2. The hardest part of change is the action step.

Yes, putting together your thoughts, facts and listening to your intuition takes time and you may even lose some sleep over it.

Once you know what needs to happen, then you must act and that's where it can get sticky.

Doubt, fear, and worries about looking stupid or your motives being misunderstood  can get in the way. Once you make those first action steps forward you'll begin to feel the inner harmony  by following your internal guidance. 

 3. You will lose some friends and find others in unexpected places.

Change is a catalyst for other shifts, like friendships.

Some of your friends may drift out of your life. Perhaps because they no longer match where you're at, or their journey is sending them out  in another direction. 

In the same way, you are likely to find other people appear as if called by the universe. They step in, to hold space for exactly where you are.

They might be old friends whom you have fallen out of touch and resurface at just the right time. Or others who might be on the edges of your world and arrive to give of themselves, if only just awhile.

Sometimes, new friendships occur simply because you are both traveling the same waters.

We have no control over the loss of friendships, but we do over the forging of new. Experience has taught me to accept both for what they are.

 As 2020  winds down

This is the last week of a history making year. And yes, over time the challenges and chaos will pass into our collective memory.

Consider what you've learned and what steps you'll take to shift into a more expansive and energetically aligned version of your whole, gifted self. 

Transformation doesn't "just happen", without decisive action, nor does it happen without support.  As you look to 2021 and beyond are you ready to create a greater impact in the world by expressing your gifts in your own unique and special way?

I am opening my calendar and if you're ready to begin creating positive change and a bigger impact let's talk.  Click here for the link for a 30 minute free call. Let's see if together we can align your energy and move you into the life and work you're meant to live. 


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