Are Old Stories Cheating You Out Of A New Story?


How many old stories continue to be a part of your inner dialogue? When is the last time you tried something new? Recent conversations have highlighted how important creating new stories are in creating a happier and more fulfilled life. 

Instead of accepting dated and often limiting beliefs, trying new activities allows us to see and enjoy new parts of ourselves.

Have you ever found yourself uttering statements like, “I don't do that”, or “I'm no good at that” ? Chances are good you're guilty of cheating yourself out of a bigger life.

At the age of 69, Donna McCracken was sure she was no artist. However when an acquaintance invited her to a painting class, she gamely accepted. There she found a skilled instructor, encouraging class mates, and a chance to build new skills. 

Six years later, McCracken's home overflows with her work and is bought by those who appreciate her talents.  She's found a passion she didn't realize existed, simply by saying yes.  She's also changed her beliefs about her artistic talents and yes, her story.

What do Pole Dancing, Rock Climbing and Cooking Have in Common?

Christie Murray is a successful entrepreneur. She runs a busy, in demand hair salon from her home.

Her bubbly, infectious laugh, and  genuine interest in her clients results in frequent invitations to activities and events. Eight years ago, one such invitation came via a “girl's night out” group activity, a pole dancing class.

Despite some hesitation she nevertheless accepted. What she found went far beyond her preconceived notions. Physically demanding as well as artistic, it's now a part of her everyday life.

Since the first class she's developed a passion for creating a healthier and more rigorous fitness program in order to learn the complex moves and excel. She admits that by welcoming this unexpected hobby into her life, it has stretched her physically and mentally.  

She attends competitions and it's given her the courage to get on a plane for the first time so she could train with professional coaches in another country.

There's no doubt when talking to her, that she's discovered an interest that's challenged and changed her ideas about her own physical and mental capabilities.

woman rock climbing.jpg

Changing Youthful Stories

Upon the end of "Cathy's" marriage in her 30's, she felt a need to challenge herself, and break out of her shell. She accepted an opportunity to rock climb. To her surprise, she found the physical challenge, coupled with the solo skills much more to her preference.

Cathy no longer considers herself non-athletic. Rather, her identity now includes the story of her physical strength and preference of outdoor sports instead of school team sports.

And men, rest assured there are similar stories for you.

How about the corporate executive who decided to become a breakfast cooking virtuoso? Browsing websites, watching food shows and reading cookbooks, he's developed a taste (sorry, I couldn't resist) for mastering egg dishes of all kinds.

Or consider the science PhD. student who in his spare time dabbles in creating a story-line for a group of friends and the board game characters he created.

Success and happiness by accepting a beginner mindset

No one comes to these activities with a story that they are already skilled. They accept and have adopted the credo, nothing ventured nothing gained.

Sit down with any of them and you will see the sparkle in their eye and hear their sense of accomplishment. They tell the tale of new skills and interests and each, in their own way, a new story of who they are.

So, tell me, are you open to new-found stories or are you willing to settle and cheat yourself of what you could be?

Why remain bound to old stories when you can  Learn to Live A More Meaningful Life?ou to Learning & ?
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Loved this morning read, and a great reminder of what is possible if we accept the invitation! Thanks for the wonderful words of to take the risk for opportunities to arise! Beth
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I'm glad you enjoyed it. I am inspired by the many ways people show up and live their lives more fully, simply by trying new things.
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