Why Your Version of Life Matters


In this thing we call life, each of us is meant to create our own version.  What we pull out of it, what we express and put into the world is different because we're different. None of us know how much time we have on this earth to express our version, nor how it will impact others if we're willing to fully live into our lives.

Inspiration, admiration and motivation can find us just about anywhere.

One evening I found it at a local music hall during an open mic night. Over the course of the evening musicians of all ages sat or stood on a small stage. They came to  play and sing their original music or cover others. 

A small room, on a small stage each performer embraced the vulnerability of being seen. Finding  courage and accepting full responsibility for whatever they produced in the time they were there.

How art mimics life

All ages, mostly men, they came to the stage differently and approached their music differently. Some confidently set up and began. Others were more tentative. Some gave their work an introduction and explanation and others spent their time tuning their instrument and then just began.

One older gentleman, accompanied by his sister and friend, fairly quivered before beginning.

As I watched,  it occurred to me the truth that art mimics life. None were performing because they expected stardom or  discovery. They performed because the music was in them and they needed to express it.

What version of life is waiting for your expression?

A similar example occurs between our interpretation of ideas and experiences. Surely we share the human experience regardless of cultures and countries. Yet each of us comes to it with a different understanding. We pull something different from it.

Just like music.

An original song could be covered by ten different artists. I think of Simon & Garfunkel's “Sounds of Silence”. Fifty plus years later and a new interpretation by an artist you wouldn't expect – Disturbed. His version, backed by classical artists and sung with strength and depth resonated with many listeners.

Some may never have heard the original version. He brought to life, in his own unique way, the sentiments expressed in the song. Still relevant and still needing to be heard.

Full expression of our whole self

It could, by those with a more narrow frame of mind, be said his depth of emotion is unexpected from “that kind of artist.”  Check out his You Tube channel. You'll see an entirely different looking person than you might expect from hearing his recording of the Simon & Garfunkel tune.

This is a great example of how none of us are just one thing.

It's where we fail, ourselves and others. When we believe that only this person or that person has full access to expressing life in all its varied forms. Believing that, we stand to lose richer ways of understanding and creating the lives we want.

Your self imposed boundaries are keeping you from your potential

We set up self-imposed boundaries, keep our lives and worlds small. Why? Because we don't believe we're able to move beyond what we think we already know, or who we believe ourselves to be.

We, the world, are waiting for you. Waiting for you to step out on the stage and sing and play your version of life. We need your voice and your interpretation. We need what you have to say, your perspective.

None of us know how we touch the lives of others until we set ourselves free. Go ahead, find your stage and sing your song. Play us a tune that helps us understand this world we live in or challenges us to change it. Will you? Please?

Why remain bound to old stories when you can Connect and Live Into Your Potential For Personal and Professional Success, Today. 

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