Rethinking Passion and Finding Your Purpose


Everywhere you look there is a book, article or blog urging you to follow your passion.

Do you have a passion, or are you, like others, trying to figure out just what that means and what yours might be?

Passion is such a strong word and it might be that you are having a hard time declaring you have one. Maybe instead, there are a lot of things you like, but nothing that really stirs you up. And that is very normal.

The truth is that passion comes from that place where you feel energetically aligned, where you are consciously and mindfully pursuing an activity. It's when time disappears and is known as being in flow. 

Our world, at least pre-pandemic didn't allow for much of that. So much running around and full days of work and responsibilities.

Then everything screeched to a halt and we were all forced into a much smaller space and given time to think. Which may just have given you the opportunity to begin considering what changes you want to make in your life.

An opportunity to create a new normal  

For those of us who have done the work pre-pandemic to become more conscious and heal and discard the ideas and mindsets that no longer serve us, we've come to realize it's now time to be of greater service in the world.

Despite the upheaval, there is a huge opportunity to help those who wish to create a new normal and in turn benefit their lives, loved ones and the communities.

Is that you?

That feeling is something I experienced, after successfully raising my children and working steadily. I had years of work left, but somehow that busyness had narrowed my field of vision. A life filled with likes, but few passions and a decided lack of purpose.

What l've learned since then is the immense potential awaiting for you, me or anyone brave enough to accept the challenge.

First though, I want to let you know that following your passion, which is often coupled with “purpose” comes with no guarantees, money or otherwise. It does have a place in your life, you just need to be clear what it is.

Secondly, your passions may not be your purpose, but rather the supports to your purpose.

Passion Leaves Clues Which Leads to Your Purpose

The invitation to follow your passion makes it seem like a one shot deal, but it is most often a series of steps. Just like living your purpose, it's not one and done. Instead, you will find multiple ways in which to create impact in the world.

What you might be noticing in your life is a restlessness and a desire for something more. Not more external stuff, but a way of bringing more of yourself into the world. Your talents and your gifts.

Where you might get stuck is seeing those same talents and gifts as worthy or big enough to be tied to your purpose.

Since I was old enough to put pencil to paper and had enough words to express myself, I have been writing. As a child, lacking money, I turned to my imagination to create stories to give as birthday presents to siblings.

I have written poems and given them to friends as pieces of encouragement and to my own children to mark special occasions.

I have written for weddings and funerals. And, within business I write letters, memos and newsletters.

However, for many years, I never thought of myself as a writer. And I certainly never thought it as a passion or in any way tied to a purpose. I am just a person who writes.

Don't mistake small actions as small opportunities

Over the last few years that changed. A lot has. I wasn’t looking for my passion, I only wanted a more fulfilling and frankly, happier life.

I've let some long- held beliefs go, released ideas that no longer serve me.

What remained were holes that needed filling. What did I do? I found a music event and volunteered. This combined two activities into one. Meeting new people and introducing some fun.

One simple step.

One of those inconsequential actions that later you see as a marker for before and after. A pivot point. Hardly recognizable in the moment.

During the event I was continually, and spontaneously, scheduled with the same person. We hit it off, found shared interests.

Since there was no way our paths would intersect again I knew that if I wanted what I said I did, that bigger world and new friends, action was needed.  So, I took a chance and suggested going for coffee after the event. 

I made a new friend. Nothing too earth shattering there, people do it all the time. Simple, everyday, right? Maybe.

Yet we often ignore those chances the universe sends our way, never knowing what we said no to.

Saying yes to your intuition

Following my intuition, the new friendship introduced me to a larger circle of people, ideas and ultimately, to myself.

By venturing into the world, a new group of people emerged to support me. People on their own journeys of life creation.  Supporting my quest. Not because it is the same as theirs, but because they know there is one.

Surrounding yourself with people who share your idea of living fully is one of the most important things you can do. Don't underestimate the value of leaning on the energy and wisdom of those also exploring this way of living. It takes time to fully become.

It is a process of uncovering, discovering and piecing all the parts you find into a complete version of you. We think of passion and even more so, purpose, as a neatly tied package. Instead of the multi-layered, slow reveal that it really is.

When you think purpose, think about it in the context of how you can impact others and/or the world. That tends to take the pressure off and allow you to begin to think creatively about what lights you up and what you'd like to share of yourself.

Instead of it being an epic and "heavy" decision, you get to play and bring in different ways to tap into the differences you'd like to make.

This is a time when by bringing a playful and more curious side of yourself into the journey, you can explore new opportunities to tune back into the soul nudges that have been coming your way.

Learning how to see and hear your soul's nudges

Soul nudges, you say? Yes indeed, but it's very possible that you've become so adept at turning down the sound of the messages from the universe, that you may need some help in learning how to recognize what they are and how to open up to them.

That was me. Big time.

My journey was haphazard and it delayed the time in which I could have been making a bigger impact on the world.

I found a group of supportive people, but lacked a mentor, which would help me along the way.

10 years in and I am now that mentor to others on their journey, Just as I have mentors and spiritual directors who help me deepen my understanding and help me see new ways to serve others. 

I learned to become more playful, to resurrect old pastimes and how to meditate. All these and more helped me find my way and if that resonates for you, we should talk.

You're not alone, nor do you have to "do" this alone. I've created the kinds of programs I wish would have existed when I first started on the path. If you're curious, then head on over here, and let's set up a time to chat and see if any of my programs might be a fit.

There's nothing like finding clarity and it is possible to shorten the curve from uncertainty to joyful anticipation.

Passion, purpose and creating a brave new you. The only life you are called to live is your own and there’s no time like now to start doing so. Go ahead, who knows, where this one small step could take you?


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