The Universe Has a Sense of Humour, Do You?


2020 the year of great promise. Anticipated, optimistically excited. Right?

And then…

The universe laughed and said “Hey I’ll deliver on what you asked for, no problem.” And the ask, came from 2019 and the buzz word was “Disrupt”.

Regardless of the sector – corporate or non-profit the word of the year was “Disrupt”. Conferences, summits, meetings of all types – disrupt, disrupt, disrupt . Heck, I spoke at an event – Disrupt the Conversation.

And when I think of what we put out collectively, what we said we wanted, I just have to laugh.

We asked, and the universe delivered, as it always does.

Because of course no one anticipated this level of disruption, but with that focus from such a wide swath of humanity, how could this not be exactly what we should expect?

Maybe you were putting out that message too. How you wished that the soul sucking job would disappear and instead you’d be doing something else.

Or, how you wished that the 2 hour commute would end and you could work closer to home, or maybe even from home.

Maybe you wished for more family time. Or less

And the universe gave us all that, didn’t it?

And yes, I am smiling because we asked and the Universe said, “coming right up”.

I say this with love and respect for all that we are now navigating and please know that I’ve felt this level of personal pain myself in the past. When everything fell apart and what I thought was going to be, wasn’t.

2013 was my year of disrupt. I was expecting great things, awesome things. But the way I approached it was all out of whack. Because I was coming from a place of lack, of what I didn’t want or didn’t like.

Focusing on what we don’t like or want will never get us what we actually desire.

 Instead of appreciating my body and how well it worked, I focused on the areas I didn’t like. Instead of appreciating that I had more time to spend with friends I focused on how lonely I was. And the list goes on.

Then came the cataclysmic, grind your life to a halt, disruptive event of my back injury. I had 18 months to figure out exactly what was important and what would bring me joy.

When I started to focus on all the things I would do, try or be once I was better (and that was an unwavering belief), things began to shift.

 I realized that when I put my energy on the positive and creative instead of the “suckiness” of my situation. I felt better. Mentally, physically, and spiritually..

Of course, creating anything requires action too.

It’s a combination of two sayings  - “Let go and let God” and “ God helps those who help themselves.”

It took me 18 months to start figuring out what I needed to do. You don’t need to wait that long.

2020 is turning out to be an epic year of possibility for all of us. Yes, even in the midst of the chaos, uncertainty and disruption to everything we’ve counted on.

This is your time to decide what you want, what’s important and what you wish to create for yourself and in turn your world.

If you’re feeling lost and without direction or focus, and you need help to get from where you are to where you want to be, well, that’s my area of genius. I help you shift your perspective, determine what you really want and then tap into how you and the universe can co-create that vision.

Awake is a 2 – 3 week online course (do it at your pace) that combines practical and unique exercises along with 3 30 minute mentoring sessions with me. We align you with your inner truth and the universe’s signs and messages so you can wake up to the opportunity and potential that is calling for you to embrace a more meaningful, happy and purpose led life.

If you’re ready to get out of disconnect and stuck to join the field of universal energy and potential, let’s talk.  Click here to set up a free 30 minute chat with me, I’ve got a couple questions to see if you’re a fit for THIS kind of magic.

And, I only have availability to work with a few amazing souls each month.  These opportunities GO FAST.

With the deepest respect to you on your journey,




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