Celebrate and Make Your Year Great


What will you do to make 2021 a year to remember?

I asked myself that question this past week and source answered loud and clear.



Not just New Year’s but every chance that comes around, because when you do, even more of the good stuff appears.

That’s when I realized just how many opportunities I’d let slide by in 2020. And what a shame, because despite the pandemic, there have been many good and some truly great, things to celebrate.

I do have to admit that I kind of suck at it. Celebrating that is. Another unfortunate carry over from my childhood.

There were next to no personal celebrations in my family when I was growing up. Even my birthday held negative stories that led me to feel as if I was flawed, stupid, and unlovable

Until I made a choice to change that experience by- you guessed it, celebrating it differently. That’s when I began creating a whole new set of beliefs and feelings.  

That one decision frankly changed a lot of how I now live my life and why I chose to go into business for myself.

When I chose courage to challenge an old belief, I found the confidence to start acting on my dreams.

As my confidence grew, I began to seek out people who could help me grow and learn.

As my circle of support grew so did my vision of how I could make a bigger impact and difference.

Last week inspiration whispered in my ear. Celebration is the way forwards. The key to creating the life, the difference and impact you yearn to make .   

And I felt an incredible push that this is the message I must bring to you.

This is so much more than a new year’s resolution. This is about transforming your life.

Use your courage, confidence and desire to make a difference as a creative, healer, teacher or coach. Then see how much there is to celebrate as you make the world more beautiful, healthy, and happy.  

Getting from where you are to where you want to be isn’t easy. Which is why I work with emerging business owners who are in the start up phase of 1 – 4 years.  

You’ve done the deep personal work, have a spiritual/consciousness foundation and are passionate about what you do. But that isn’t enough to leave your day job and create business success.

I know, because this isn’t my first kick at the entrepreneurial can, and not everything I tried, worked. I celebrate that too because everything helps us learn how to do our business better.

And guess what, when you work with me, I provide transparency about my business so that I can shorten the timeline of success for you.

I combine woo, with how so you can get to wow faster.

Are you ready to make 2021 a year of celebrations?

Your impact, your difference, your business. Isn’t this what you’ve been yearning to do for ages?

If you’re ready to start celebrating, to start listening to and acting upon those inspired messages you’ve been receiving, then let’s talk. Click here for your complimentary 30 minute chat with me to see about getting yourself and business into alignment so that you can celebrate your own life transformation. 

PS If you’re not sure how to use your talents and skills in a way that makes a difference for others, I’m pretty awesome at helping you figure that out too. Because sometimes our brilliance is hiding from us in plain sight.


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