How does your business garden grow?


Over time of course.

Only Jack of the Beanstalk fairy tale fame plants a seed that grows magically overnight into the clouds.

Online, there’s a lot of promises about magical growth and magical formulas.

…Which might take you down a misleading path lined with flawed promises and embarrassing expectations.

An inexperienced gardener, misled by the smoke and mirrors of internet promises might be tempted to do things like –

Dig up the seed, throw it away and try a different one.

Forget about the seed and not see it when it sprouts and then withers from lack of attention.

Be disappointed that it’s not growing as fast as they think it should, leading them to feel stupid and unworthy, even though it’s exactly where it needs to be.

The truth is, that the business seeds you’re planting now are going to take time before they emerge and grow into a strong business that can sustain you long term.

Rather like you as a business owner.

What you know going into a business is going to be a lot different than you know at year 2 or 5 or 10.

This is perfect, because that’s just how anything happens,

…over time.


You started your business knowing there’s a problem you can solve or a difference you can make, but that’s just the beginning. Because soon enough, you realize that the container of your business is more than just the seed of your knowledge.

You must have that to begin, but then it’s everything after that.

Just like the gardener with a little bit of experience, a new business owner with the right amount of support is more likely to do these things when it comes to growing.

First, they’ll only plant the seeds they actually want to grow. Why grow artichokes (or post on a platform you don’t enjoy) if you don’t like them?

Second, you’ll be willing to tend the seed, even when all you can see is the stake that shows the place you planted it.

Third, you’ll have enough faith to keep doing what you need to do to give it time to bear fruit.

Things like-

  • Watering -paying attention to and continuing to build the structure to support your business
  • Weeding – removing the things that spring up and take away your attention or aren’t right for your business
  • Fertilizing - learning new practices, finding new resources, and connecting with new people

In the world of business these days there’s a lot of noise about what you need to do to get to the “magical beanstalk” cloud level.

When you become a good business “gardener”, you learn what lights you up, where you’re blocked and the strategies for dealing with the inevitable challenges, which is where the real, sustainable growth comes in.

Having a trusted mentor who knows how to read the soil conditions and can show you when to harvest, can fill in the gaps of what you don’t know you don’t know.

They help you see who you really are so that your business structure fits YOU.

When I work with my clients, I help them see when they’re falling prey to the smoke and mirrors of empty get rich quick formulas.

I’ve been called a truth seer and a truth-teller.  

I see what’s behind the excuses, fairy tale thinking, and stumbling blocks to the truth of what is blocking you, and I help you clear it.

If you’re ready to do the actual work of growing a soul-aligned, long-term profitable business … let’s talk.

And just remember that if you’re seeing magical beanstalk promises of overnight results, don’t buy the beans.  Nobody and I don’t care who they are or what they claim, nobody did it overnight.


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