Embrace the Shift


There are three distinct times I remember my sense of my place in the world shifting. When I became a mother, when I lost my mother and when I became a mother to myself.

To the rest of the world, nothing had changed. For me, everything did.

 Those internal shifts, of who you are and who you want to be, are powerful motivators and thankfully don’t have to be tied to life and death.  

Every time you simply give yourself permission to become wholly yourself, express your gifts and live a life aligned to who you really are, a subtle but powerful change occurs.

This alignment is THE key to success.

The process of alignment brings you into a place of strength, worthy of love and belonging, because you are no longer willing to feel so alone, invisible and unworthy.

And once you make that decision….

…. And set out on that path, everything shifts.

From how you think of yourself, to who you can be and what you have to offer.

And ultimately, what you achieve.

Which is why I created “Awake”.

It is packed full of the information and experiences that I’ve found to be the most helpful on my journey to embracing a bigger, more meaningful life and business. One that is aligned to my gifts and values so that making money is fun and impactful.   

Wherever you are on bringing your entrepreneurial dreams to life, “Awake” takes you out of the usual and invites you to see with new eyes and an even bigger vision of what your business is meant to be.  

Two weeks for you to explore yourself, and your perspective.

12 Lessons, Worksheets, & 3 mentoring sessions with me.

 Here’s a sampling of the course outline:

Lesson 1 - Changing Perspective : We move through our days, have our routines and everything we see is what we expect to see. This lesson will take you through a range of views and your job, to notice the differences so that when you are faced with new situations in your business, you can more easily find solutions.

Lesson 4 - A Lesson in Imagination: The best way to bring your desire to life is to get good (again) at imagination. When you can see what others don't, you bring your power of creation to the forefront so that you’ll notice new profitable pathways. 

Lesson 10 - To Your Own Self be True : This wisdom is tossed about casually, but what are the ingredients to living this sentiment? Listen to the interview with Neil Hawkes, internationally recognized for bringing values-based education to schools around the world. Use the values pdf with the accompanying worksheet and get ready to dig deep so that all your decisions going forward will be the correct ones for you based on your values self knowledge. 

The truth is, that once you embrace what it is to be a conscious creator of your own life and business, and see the results, you can’t go back to the way you used to think and be.

Awake is for those of you ready to jump in, unlock your potential, expand your impact and see just how deliciously wonderful this world is.   

I offer “Awake” once a month, will you join me?  Upcoming start dates:

Week of April 12th; May 17th, June 14th

Each session is 2 weeks, 12 lessons with email and messenger support along with 3 – 30 minute one to one mentoring sessions with me, Frances, to answer any of your questions.

Book your 30 minute complimentary call and let’s see if you’re a good fit for this program.


Once you take this course, you’ll begin to experience the sheer joy of how the right people, resources and information come to you, all because you made a decision to “wake up” and embrace the messages supporting you and your soul aligned business.


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