How to Stop Second Guessing Yourself


When nothing else works, I turn to my trusted friends – books. I have three on my desk right now.

Big Magic, Anatomy of the Spirit and Do the Work!

Which about sums up my journey of a spiritually fulfilling life and business. 

Clearly, those weren’t the books I read as a child, but my inner child soaks in the warm, safe, and accepting pearls of wisdom I find there now.

Because growing up I more often felt dismissed, flawed, and alone.

Those beliefs created the same experiences in adulthood: an emotionally unavailable ex-husband who crushed my sense of self, my fear of success that led to self-sabotage, and my inability to see my own worth which meant living far below my potential.

All which kept me, invisible, scared and alone. As you might guess, those feelings won’t lead you to creating the life or business you deserve.

To do that means conscious decision-making and actions so that you can live into your special gifts and talents.

I realized this morning that it was Source inviting me to read those three books again, just like it has been Source nudging my attention through synchronicity. Over the last week, I’ve had multiple sightings of the same model of car; over and over again.

When that happens, I’ve learned to pay attention.

The model of choice literally has the word “soul” in it. To be precise – Kia Soul.  Multiple times during my walks and on different days and in different locations.

I am not a car person. I don’t notice makes or models, so the Kia Soul, showing up repeatedly is a message.

It’s time for me to get brave and act from a soul level. To quit being scared and instead know that if you are reading this, we belong to the same tribe. So if I don’t tell you about why the short but super powerful course “Story Garden” is worth your attention, I’ve let you down.

You see this course was created in flow. From source. When you’re in flow, time disappears, the ideas flow and you just do “the thing”.

In this case creating a course to help:

  • you shift your perspective
  • discover old unhelpful stories
  • claim your vision
  • tap into your greatness and your inner knowing   

So that you’ll stop second-guessing yourself and trust your intuition.

From the videos to the exercises and worksheets, I received guidance as to what would serve you the most.

One soul to another.

Your work matters. Your journey, your perspective, and your gifts and talents matter.

Story Gardenis a journey of self-discovery and includes resources and practices to help you stay grounded.

So that…

- You’ll know how to get into flow and get out of your own way

- Be clear on your values, so that you can create your own decision-making process to find the correct answers, every time, for you.

- You can give yourself more love and acceptance as you travel your own path so that when you make a mistake you won’t let it derail you.

When creating the course, I was guided to include three 30 minute 1:1 mentoring sessions with me, so that you can ask your questions, share your insights and receive support along the way.

And, oh yes…very little of your time will be in front of the computer.

This is about experiences and reflecting and opening to the world around you so that you can wake up to even more of your special place in the universe.

We are in a time of change in which those of you, like me, who are creatives, healers, teachers, and mentors need to share your Big Magic, Embrace the Power and Healing of Spirit and Do the Work.

Will you join me?

Here’s the link to your complimentary 30-minute call with me, to see if you’re a good fit.


From my soul to yours, I invite you to embrace the path you are on and take the next step in your evolution. The journey never ends and Story Garden is here to help you on your way. Let’s talk.


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