Do You Have the Technology (Learning) Blues?


How would it feel to know that you have complete control of your technology?

Imagine sitting down at your computer, confident that you know what tech will best support your unique business….

….and using it feels delightfully easy and in flow with your business?

One of the things that I hear new business owners of a “certain age” stress over, is technology. The truth is, using technology can be a huge pain.

And that’s because…

… there’s always some new thing, or some way you’re supposed to use it. Far beyond a simple excel spreadsheet, this is the technology we use to market our business, to track our expenses or communicate.  

Which has the potential to keep us feeling small, scared and heading into the technology blues.  Let’s face it, we’re not in our 20’s or 30’s ….we didn’t grow up with technology as part of our everyday life. We’ve had to learn it as adults.  

Sure, we use it in our jobs, but only what we need, leaving the rest to the technology wizards.

Running your business, and keeping it going, depends on becoming friends with technology.  

Three times in one week I’ve had conversations around technology with my clients. Each conversation included a hesitant confession, I wish I had someone to hold my hand”.

Which led me to impromptu trainings because I know how easy it is to slip into feeling flawed when it takes hours to get one small thing done.

I get it. 

I was the person in high school who, when this “computer stuff” was brand new, told a friend I wasn’t taking a course in “that” because when I would I use it? My career path was in the arts or journalism. I’d never need to know technology.

Fast forward a few decades and not only did I have to learn it, but I also now depend on it.

So, when I’m teaching my clients how to use zoom more effectively or how to use a free software for adding captions to a video, or even walking you through creating your special social media posts, it’s all  done with a ton of acceptance and laughter.

You see,  I know exactly how it feels when you ask for help from your adult child or younger friend and they sit down, show you in rapid fire steps and then smile asking you, “see, easy, right?” And all you’ve succeeded in doing is getting that one thing done, but you’re no further ahead, because you saw, but didn’t learn.  

This is why I include basic technology tips and tricks as part of my mentoring . When you work with me you learn how, so that you can shave hours from your work schedule, cement the learning and save money.  

Without ever feeling embarrassed, alone or dismissed because you’re not in the know.


… you’ll grow your confidence and be ready to say yes to new opportunities, collaborations and partnerships. 

And more money.

Ready to release the technology blues and work with me to shorten your timeline to success?

Here’s the link to a 30-minute complimentary call with me and we’ll see if you’re a good fit for one of my programs.


Making friends with technology is a game changer for you and your business. Don’t let old stories of having to do it alone, keep you from creating the impact your special skills and knowledge are here to make.  


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