We're all Dog Paddling At the Beginning


Have you ever swum in salt water?

The water is soft, caressing your skin and as you lay back, you float effortlessly. A few lazy kicks of your legs and you are gliding.

You feel the sun, warm upon your face as you gaze up into the blueness of the sky and wonder at the ease of this new way of being in the water.

It’s unlike the freshwater lakes and swimming pools you’ve been before. It’s… Bliss.

Now, imagine that this is the experience for you and your client after they give you a happy yes to working with you.

From the yes to your first client meeting to the success they achieve working with you….

….. Easy, effortless, and relaxing

It’s up to you to create this experience for your customer.  

And that’s where a lot of new business owners start sinking.

The truth is, there is the delivery of what you know and love, and then there’s running your business.

You may have years of training and tons of passion for how you want to help your clients.

What you probably don’t have, are the same years of training and knowledge about how to run a business. To succeed, you’ll have to learn some new skills, as fast as you possibly can.

There are ways to speed your learning up and shorten your timeline to success…

…. but it doesn’t come from leaping into the deep end of the freshwater pool when you’ve only just learned the dog paddle.

Do it that way and you’ll feel exhausted and embarrassed as you watch more experienced swimmers glide past in the saltwater pool next to you.

Their skill has nothing to do with them being naturally better, it’s because they’ve put in the time and effort get to the saltwater pool.

As a newcomer to business, there is no need for you to feel flawed or stupid because you’re still learning.

One of the best ways to gain the skills you need is to find someone who is ahead of you with their business and lean into their wealth of experience.

You want to feel encouraged and inspired and be with others exploring some of the same territory you are.

For instance, say you are working out how to streamline your customer’s journey and smooth out the processes, so that the experience is relaxing and enjoyable.  

Then you might have these types of questions:

  1. After the yes, what’s next in the onboarding process? Is there an agreement or contract? How do you send that? Is it a word document or is it an electronic document like Hello or Docusign?

  1. Do you use an online booking calendar like Acuity or Calendly or do you set up the meetings yourself through Outlook and send an email invite?

  1. What do you use for taking online payments? Stripe or Square or Paypal…?

Someone who has been in business several years has resolved those questions and moved on, but the memories of making those decisions remains…for you to mine. This is how you get to the bigger pool fast, and start making the impact you are here to make.

But it all starts with ….

…..how you start.

Will that be with aligned guidance, so that you don’t have to try and discover all the options on your own? Are you willing to do what successful business owners do and get the support and knowledge that helps them to make wise choices faster and better?

If that’s you, then let’s talk. Here’s the link to a complimentary 30 minute assessment callwith me to see if you’re a good fit to work with me.


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