It's Time to Bring Your Success Path and Soul Path Together


Imagine for a moment that you’ve just finished work with a favorite client. Your session with them has ended and you both are filled with appreciation and happiness for your time together.

They’re delighted you’ve been able to take the essence of their ramblings and jumbled thoughts and as if by magic brought more form to them, as if you’ve read their mind.

They feel seen and understood in a way they never have before.

Where there was misunderstanding and embarrassment you’ve brought them clarity so that they feel supported in taking the next steps towards their goals and dreams.

This is a gift, your gift and….

…. one that you’ve taken for granted and even overlooked.


Because you grew up unaware how special your ability to make others feel safe, accepted and happy is.  Your gifts became your invisible (even to you) superpowers. You tell yourself and others, it’s no big deal, completely unaware of just how big a deal it is.  

You’re an observer, a listener and you take in messages in ways you’re not even aware of.

This makes you spectacular…. and why you also struggle to come up with exactly how to describe your collection of skills.  

They don’t fit into a neat little package because they’ve come from a lifetime of formal and informal learning.

You’ve got an impressive catalogue of knowledge!!!

What you don’t know, is just how common this is, for we outliers who were discouraged from exploring the amazing world of what could be.  

Instead, we were told to be realistic, to choose safe and known, when our souls longed to follow the pull of universal source energy where everything is possible.

So now, years later, after denying our essence as a creative, a healer, a teacher we feel torn and sad between what we’ve been taught is the safe (uninspiring) path and the joyous one that we’ve rejected for so long.

Even so, you couldn’t help but begin following two paths at once.

The outside messaging of success and the inner soul work of your journey. Bringing you to a tangled uncertain mess about how to combine these paths so that you can finally live your purpose.

It’s time to go back to when you felt the warmth of your potential and the curiosity that the universe inspired you with and transform them into reality.

Instead of living the fear of “what if”, aren’t your ready to explore what could be?

More than ever, the world needs your special gifts and talents to inspire others on their own paths of impact.

If you’re ready to explore what could be, I invite you to set up a 30 minute complimentary assessment call today.


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