The Secret Power of Your Stories


There are some conversations and some people you just never forget.

Like Natalina.

I met her when volunteering in an adult ESL literacy classroom. She was from Sudan, a senior, brought to Canada to rejoin her family. She was quiet, but there was a sparkle in her eye and ready laughter during our lessons.

One day, during a lesson on families, we all brought and shared pictures of our families. As usual, we smiled and laughed a lot as I taught the words for son, daughter, father, mother.

Natalina’s picture showed 3 smiling young women of various ages. Their arms were casually slung over each other, and you could see the affection they shared.

I pointed at her daughters and said “Beautiful”, then at her and repeated the word. I’m not sure she understood, but she did know I was saying something complimentary and we both smiled.

And then, teasingly, I said – “No sons?” It took a minute of pointing between my picture and hers for her to understand.

And then….

…..that look of sadness and pain that as a parent, and a mother I instantly understood.

She’d had sons and they’d all died during the civil war that had brought her daughters and then herself to Canada.

I reached out, held her hand, looked at her with tears welling in my eyes. No words, just heartfelt empathy.

That was a decade ago and I still think of Natalina and what I learned in that moment about the power of the human spirit to carry on, even when it is crushingly hard to do so.

The power of a story, well told, can change the world.

In business, stories are the most powerful means of sharing who we are and why we do what we do.

Over time they build a pathway from unknown to known, to liked and then to trusted, the foundation of any relationship.   

As teachers, healers, creatives and mentors, we are drawn to our work because of the difference we want to make.

To get that across, means finding and telling your stories, in the right way so that people get to know you, build trust in you, and hire you.

Think about the story I shared with you, what do you know about me that you didn’t know before?

What qualities does the story hint at?

Does it spark your own stories of conversations and experiences that you still remember?

That’s the power of story.  It creates a circle between you and your client when they can remember a time when they felt something similar or begin to see you as a guide to finding their way through.

Stories -from the light and funny, to the ones with deep insight are how you’ll stand out in the marketplace when you use them in your emails, videos, social media posts or even networking.

More than ever, people crave connection.

Your stories can help them feel less alone, better understood and even part of something bigger.

If you’re ready to start learning how to mine your stories and use them effectively, so that more clients will hire you, you’ll make a bigger impact and more money, schedule a30 minute complimentary assessment callwith me today.


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