It's Your Stories People Remember


“Nobody ever asked me about the girls” she said.

I’d stumbled across an interview with author Lori Robinson, a music journalist.  

Intrigued, I listened to the author talk about being sent on assignments to interview the “big name boys” in music. Despite all the amazing women on the music circuit, as the title of her book points out, nobody ever asked about the girls.

Which leads me to think about my mom.

May 2nd marked the 20th anniversary of her passing and I think of all the things I didn’t ask, that I wish I had. The conversations I wish we could have had, because my mom, she was a dynamo. Yet, I know so little about her.

What battles did she fight as a nurse in the 40s, when doctors were still treated like gods?

What inspired her to volunteer in her chosen areas so intensely – arts, education and health? What was her vision for what could be for our small farming community?

And then I wonder, about all the other people and their untold stories, because no one asked.

The truth is, we all have stories.

The ones like my mom, like you.

The stories you carry that are your spark and inspire you to make your mark as a teacher, coach, creative or healer.

 But if we wait for other people to ask, we may never tell our stories. Which is a shame, because your stories are the same ones that light other people’s paths and show them the way. 

Sometimes though, we’re oblivious to the importance of our stories, because they don’t seem remarkable to us. They are just…life.

What I’ve learned as a professional speaker, is that we underestimate how our stories and the things that we’ve figured out along the way, are exactly what someone else needs to hear.

For instance, when I share a story about what failure taught me about how being invisible and scared kept me from helping others, then it ignites others to think differently about the gifts that come with failing.

Your stories with your unique perspective gives others an insider view that feels relatable. 

And that’s the power of using your stories to share your expertise.

Finding and shaping your signature story and mining your support stories so that you learn how to effectively deliver them, automatically positions you to be seen as the expert you are.  

Whether you are choosing to share your stories on the stage, in a podcast or at a networking event it’s your experiences that are the foundation for the authenticity your desired clientele seek.

In the professional speaking world, we are told “facts tell, stories sell.”

If you want people to remember you and why you are the person that can help them, it’s story that helps them connect and know you. When done right, you’ll create lasting impact for those you want to help.

Knowing which stories to use and when, while learning to speak effectively and confidently can be the key to how quickly you reach more people, grow your business and create the impact that benefits others and your bank account.

I’ve opened my calendar and have room for 5 complimentary assessment calls this week, here’s the link, let’s chat about finding and fine tuning your stories to grow your income.  


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