Business, Another Part of Your Spiritual Path?


Is being in business just another part of a bigger spiritual journey for you?

As an entrepreneur who cares as much about making a difference as making a profit, you understand that doing your own healing work is what enables you to deeply serve those waiting to learn and heal through your work.

The truth is, you’ve come into business precisely because of a bigger vision of how you can serve. Something beyond what you could do working for someone else.

When you know that your biggest desire is to make a difference for others, then you grant yourself permission to tell the stories capable of making a big impact. The ones that otherwise you might not be so keen to share.

 Yes, I personally survived a childhood where I felt invisible, flawed and lonely… and…

 ….as I’ve healed the wounds, I uncovered the power of transforming old stories into new so that I could serve the world in meaningful ways.

Which is why, after my keynotes, audience members approach me to tell me that they now have the courage to move forward on a business idea. That’s not because I persuade with “just facts”, but because they’ve connected with the feelings of my serious/funny stories.  Because they now believe in their own healing.

While the stories are unique to me, the feelings and meanings aren’t.

Learning the art of speaking means taking your stories, aka lived experiences, and crafting them into a shared experience for your audience so that they have new knowledge for use in their personal or professional life.

That’s the real beauty of making the decision to use speaking as a marketing tool for your business.

By owning your stories and providing the context and application for how they serve your audience, you elevate your status as an expert.

 Imagine finishing your speech at a local networking group and people coming up, asking about working with you because…

….. it’s  the first time they feel heard, seen and understood.

There is something especially humbling when an audience member tells you that they "needed" to hear your message.

The first time that happened  I realized that speaking acts as service to others because you never know who is waiting to hear exactly what you have to say.

To achieve that level of connection means taking the time to explore your ‘story garden”. Your own collection of stories, that when combined in a thoughtful manner, make the most exquisite bouquet for those you gift them to.

Which is where your business, life and spiritual selves, whether you realize it or not, entwine as part of your bigger path.

Your life is literally overflowing with experiences which are the foundation to your stories. It’s just a matter of seeing and using them in a way that helps people feel connected to you and to your bigger message.

Are you ready to explore your “story garden” with a trusted guide on the side and complete the first step in crafting a memorable speech?

Story Garden is four weeks of exploring your stories, great and small, to find the ones that will make the biggest impact and attract the most sales. With the right stories, you too will have audience members rushing the stage at the end of every speech, hoping to be the one invited to work with you.


If you’re ready to begin the foundational work for your business speaking success, claim your complimentary 30-minute chat with me here.  


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