My Introvert Networking Cheats


I used to have extrovert envy, especially at networking events until…

I discovered two invaluable introvert networking cheats.

 I’m convinced that the networking “rules” that most of us have been taught, are written by an extrovert! You know, where successful networking is marked by speaking to as many people as possible over the course of an event.

Which, as an introvert, I never pulled off, instead watching in amazement as my extrovert friends moved about the room like the queen of the ball. Seamlessly, effortlessly going from group to group chatting and meeting everyone.

So much so, that at other events and groups, they are inevitably greeted by what seems half the room. Their previous efforts paying off and creating an even easier experience for them.

It really is impressive and inevitably I’d feel a bit embarrassed about my apparently flawed networking abilities.  

I started shifting that when I decided to embrace my introversion and choose what success would mean for me.

I defined a new success goal.  Speak to 5 new people.

Yes, five.

 Speak to 5 new people and hold a longer and more involved conversation. The kind I like to have so that at the end of an event, I know quite a lot about each of them.  Including some of their needs or business wishes.

Then, being the knowledge broker I am, I happily share the resources and information I naturally collect. Whether that’s my own expertise, or other people, books or businesses.

Giving that kind of help and doing it within the networking scenario is very satisfying and….

….it works for me. It makes the whole “network group” thing a lot easier and enjoyable. 

And then I realized I could create the coveted extrovert outcome,  just differently and still have it feel easy and enjoyable.

Connect with a whole roomful of people in one evening. Amazing.

The strategy?

Public speaking.

Yes, there’s preparation and practice but imagine the potential.

It’s a shortcut to connecting with an entire room!

People you might never meet if either of you didn’t return to that group again.

Instead, with this networking cheat, you will put together a speech filled with your stories, along with useful information, and highlighting your expertise in a short 10 to 30 minutes. What an amazing opportunity!


At least it feels that way.

My 5 person per event is a strategy that I still use, because it works for me. Slow and steady is fine, but if you want to speed up your reach, then the question isn’t whether you should use speaking, but when are you going to start capitalizing on it?


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