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Are you paying attention?

When did you know you were a writer?” The podcast interviewer asked me.

I chuckled before answering.

“Even though I started writing stories when I was a child, I never thought of myself as a “writer”. The first hints happened when I overheard a work manager say how much she was struggling to write a memo. It was then I realized writing was never hard for me.  I suppose you could say that’s when I realized that I had some writing skills. It took a few more decades before I really accepted the gift and what I wanted to do with it.”

Do you remember when you first realized your gifts and talents? Have you been successfully using them, or have you dismissed them as nothing special?

That’s easy to do.

I didn’t know my writing was special because my highly educated and traditional business-oriented family didn’t view creativity as a viable option. Their dismissive opinions trickled down so that I felt flawed and unworthy of creating any kind of career success. Creative or otherwise.

Do you remember when you were younger and wanted to change the world? When you felt that push to make a difference and then….

….you were told to be realistic.

Suddenlyyou felt that you and your dreams were stupid and you hid them away.

 Tell me if I’m wrong, but aren’t you ready to acknowledge that you’ve been waiting…


Waiting to follow the BIG inner calling you had when you were younger.

The calling that once upon a time you started drawing up plans for. And how, as you think about it, even now, you feel an inner glow, happy and warm?

There’s never been a better time than right now for you to finally claim your dream to make a difference.

You never totally abandoned your dream. You’ve made a difference where you could, in between your job, fulfilling your relationship responsibilities and community needs.

And yet….

….tucked away in a corner of your soul has been a small insistent feeling that it’s time!

No more waiting for the whole path to be set out, or for you to have all the confidence you need so you won’t feel embarrassed or unworthy when you ask for the help you’ll need to set this dream in motion.

Because you know, you know in the fiber of your being, that if you ignore the calling you’ve tucked away, you will die regretting it.

It was that knowledge that led me to write my first book – Journey to Joy and is the energy behind some new and ambitious projects.

I’ll tell you straight up, these new dreams scare me a bit because they are the biggest and most ambitious projects I’ve taken on to date. (That feeling is the tip-off you're heading in the right direction.)

You know what I’m talking about because, like me, you’ve done the work. Your work to become more whole, to put aside the old stories that you are flawed or unworthy.

Those stories no longer have a place in your desire to follow through on your youthful difference-making dreams.

The world is calling you….

…. right now.

It’s no coincidence that as the world begins to open, your dreams are re-surfacing.

The way things were, no longer fits the way things are. We’ve entered a stage where those of you poised to make a difference will no longer tolerate anyone feeling invisible, unlovable or flawed.

You’re ready to make good on the inner calling and dreams that you’ve been holding onto, all this time. There are already people out there, looking for you to show them the way through your gifts, your talents, your journey, and your dreams.

Choosing to follow your inner calling doesn’t happen in a vacuum, nor does it happen without resources and support.

This is why in the fall I’ll be offering something special for a small group of difference makers ready to move forward.

If that’s you, and you’re curious, contact me and let's chat.


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