Business, Another Part of Your Spiritual Path?


Is being in business just another part of a bigger spiritual journey for you?

As an entrepreneur who cares as much about making a difference as making a profit, you understand that doing your own healing work is what enables you to deeply serve those waiting to learn and heal through your work.

The truth is, you’ve come into business precisely because of a bigger vision of how you can serve. Something beyond what you could do working for someone else.

When you know that your biggest desire is…

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Why Your Version of Life Matters


In this thing we call life, each of us is meant to create our own version.  What we pull out of it, what we express and put into the world is different because we're different. None of us know how much time we have on this earth to express our version, nor how it will impact others if we're willing to fully live into our lives.

Inspiration, admiration and motivation can find us just about anywhere.

One evening I found it at a local music hall during an open mic night. Over the course of the e…

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