self improvement

"Refinishing" Your Life to Allow Your Best Qualities to Emerge


Have you ever seen a piece of furniture undergoing re-finishing? There are several steps involved to take it from dull and blemished to a piece with all it's beauty showing through. Similar in a way, to our lives.

The pandemic has created a global awakening as people begin to take stock of how satisfied they are with their day to day situations. In some cases, we are beginning to see how we aren't bringing our best qualities into the world. Or living a life in alignment with the greater good e…

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If You Want to Live a Happier Life, Banish Your “Not Enough”

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One of the most challenging aspects of creating a bigger life is confronting all the “nots” that lie buried within us. Often we are unaware of how many there are, how deeply buried and how much we let them affect our lives. Not good enough, not smart enough, not strong enough, not pretty/handsome enough, not talented enough – not, not, not.

Compress the phrase and it is “not enough”.

Cultivating positive self talk

As a child or young adult it is helpful to have an adult who helps you understa…

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Are Old Stories Cheating You Out Of A New Story?


How many old stories continue to be a part of your inner dialogue? When is the last time you tried something new? Recent conversations have highlighted how important creating new stories are in creating a happier and more fulfilled life. 

Instead of accepting dated and often limiting beliefs, trying new activities allows us to see and enjoy new parts of ourselves.

Have you ever found yourself uttering statements like, “I don't do that”, or “I'm no good at that” ? Chances are good you're guilty…

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