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Are you paying attention?

When did you know you were a writer?” The podcast interviewer asked me.

I chuckled before answering.

“Even though I started writing stories when I was a child, I never thought of myself as a “writer”. The first hints happened when I overheard a work manager say how much she was struggling to write a memo. It was then I realized writing was never hard for me.  I suppose you could say that’s when I realized that I had some writing skills. It took a few more decades bef…

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It's Time to Bring Your Success Path and Soul Path Together


Imagine for a moment that you’ve just finished work with a favorite client. Your session with them has ended and you both are filled with appreciation and happiness for your time together.

They’re delighted you’ve been able to take the essence of their ramblings and jumbled thoughts and as if by magic brought more form to them, as if you’ve read their mind.

They feel seen and understood in a way they never have before.

Where there was misunderstanding and embarrassment you’ve brought them cla…

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How does your business garden grow?


Over time of course.

Only Jack of the Beanstalk fairy tale fame plants a seed that grows magically overnight into the clouds.

Online, there’s a lot of promises about magical growth and magical formulas.

…Which might take you down a misleading path lined with flawed promises and embarrassing expectations.

An inexperienced gardener, misled by the smoke and mirrors of internet promises might be tempted to do things like –

Dig up the seed, throw it away and try a different one.

Forget about th…

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