My Introvert Networking Cheats


I used to have extrovert envy, especially at networking events until…

I discovered two invaluable introvert networking cheats.

 I’m convinced that the networking “rules” that most of us have been taught, are written by an extrovert! You know, where successful networking is marked by speaking to as many people as possible over the course of an event.

Which, as an introvert, I never pulled off, instead watching in amazement as my extrovert friends moved about the room like the queen of the ball…

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How to Stop Second Guessing Yourself


When nothing else works, I turn to my trusted friends – books. I have three on my desk right now.

Big Magic, Anatomy of the Spirit and Do the Work!

Which about sums up my journey of a spiritually fulfilling life and business. 

Clearly, those weren’t the books I read as a child, but my inner child soaks in the warm, safe, and accepting pearls of wisdom I find there now.

Because growing up I more often felt dismissed, flawed, and alone.

Those beliefs created the same experiences in adultho…

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