Blossoming, a Christmas Cactus greeted me as I sat down at my desk this morning. A dainty pink bloom a cheery note on a grey December morning.  Immediately I thought of the occasion of receiving it and am reminded of how similar my life is to the blossoming of this cactus.

The cactus is a gift from a friend, given to me three years ago, a time when I was embarking on a brave new chapter. Alone again, after a 29-year marriage, I had just moved into a tiny apartment. She came bearing the plant, 4 coffee mugs, and a lot of encouragement for my new pathway.

Blossoming occurs as a result of the choices you make

Imagine, if you were completely uprooted and on your own once again? What would that mean for you? How would you fill your time? What activities and people would you choose? Just like the cactus waiting to bloom, the choices you make provide the nourishment needed to make it possible.

Endings are always challenging, because of course it requires you to say goodbye. Goodbye to people, places and in some cases, future plans.

I left a home I loved, surrounded by nature and quiet and many, many memories. However, we are not meant to live in yesterday, to quit planting seeds of possibility, to quit stretching our roots and branches. If I were to grow, it meant moving on.

For my part, it meant taking on the challenge of being single in a couple’s world. Of seeking out new ways of engaging with the world and finding the many offerings of city living. I sought out lectures and groups and began to pursue the idea of writing this blog.

Were there times of loneliness, fear and uncertainty? Yes, of course. But also, friendship, wonder, curiosity and laughter. Life is, or shouldn’t be, just one flavour.

Blossoming happiness

Your endings don’t need to be as big as mine. In fact, it might be as simple as choosing to try one new thing alone, or with your partner. To challenge yourself with changing your evening or weekend pattern. It could even mean deciding to take on something new at work. Sign up for a committee or seek out a mentor if you are interested in growing into a new position.

Novelty and newness is important to our happiness and by including it in your life, you nourish your whole self – body, mind and soul. Throw out old limiting ideas of what you think is possible and begin to stretch into something new. Setting in motion the chance for buds to set and blossoms to occur.

My Christmas Cactus, with its bloom and many buds ready to come forth over the next days and weeks are a perfect reminder and encouragement of what awaits. In the months to come, you will see my website transform once again, as it grows to include the speaking career I am developing.

For your life to blossom, we only need to put in the time and patience to make it so. Here’s to you and your journey, and if you have planted a few seeds and are waiting for them to take root, leave a comment. Patience is easier when part of a community. We’d love to be a part of your blossoming.

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