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7 Months of  Mentoring for New Business Owners 

 This experience will help you to:

  • Create your business blueprint for ongoing success
  • Master the mindset critical for growth
  • Develop "right for you" strategies  and take aligned action
  • Break down obstacles and find opportunities
  • Shorten your timeline to success
  • Increase your confidence by making friends with technology


Completing this program and achieving this clarity may lead you to greater success, bigger impact and living and working in a way that is aligned to you. 

 Not to mention, just having more damn fun! 

EMERGE is a 7 month 1:1 coaching program.

This program is designed to help you:

  • Refine & Define your business vision so that you can create your desired impact
  • Strategize the use of tools & technologies best suited to you
  • Foster a growth mindset, identify limiting beliefs  so you can accelerate success
  • De-mystify Marketing so you can create your own blueprint
  • Honor your unique why to make the greatest impact
  • Ground your values and your use of power. 
  • Define how YOU want to work and live and develop the system to do that
  • Get out of your own way by opening to  the energetic flow of your body, mind and soul 

A lot of How, a little Woo = Your Business Wow 

Prepare for lasting  change as you accept your ability to co-create a new reality.


  • Frances Hickmott

    “ Emerge is exactly what you need! This helps you gain clarity on your dreams/goals, identify some of the obstacles that might be getting in your way to achieve them, and come up with action steps to overcome these obstacles. . I couldn’t recommend this enough.”

    Health Coach

Ready to start making your impact? 

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Is this coaching program for me?

You’re likely ready for this experience if:

  • You’re excited about finding and fixing the gaps of your business to accelerate your success 
  • You’re ready to embrace responsibility
  • You’re willing to learn, ask questions and accept feedback
  • You’re committed to making changes, even if it feels uncomfortable
  • You have an “invest-in-yourself” mindset
  • You’re feeling compelled to seek clarity to find and flourish in the expression of your gifts

You’re likely NOT ready to work with me if:

  • You prefer minimal accountability
  • You prefer to watch general webinars which are less personal in nature
  • Creating change doesn’t feel urgent
  • You want to continue to do your own research and take as much time as you need to figure it out for yourself
  • Frances Hickmott

    “Frances brings more than knowledge of growth practices designed to illumine our greatness and the blocks to it. She brings life experience around the ups and downs. She brings heart. She brings humour. She reaches out and reaches in and helps you feel normal and fully capable of stepping out of the old same old same old into a bright new world. We laughed a lot and we opened up the harder stuff inside. Frances creates a safe and welcoming space to name our blocks and our deep desires for our lives. ”

I’m looking forward to hearing your story!

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