Personal power, what does that mean to you? If you think it is about exercising choice and acting on the areas of your life in which you have control, you’d be right. Personal power is both invigorating and humbling. As you use it, you begin to see how much control you have over your life. Instead of getting lost in reasons as to why something isn’t progressing, you choose to find ways around those obstacles.

Deciding to write my book is an example of combining the vision of self leadership with the action of personal power. It has demanded I narrow my focus, strengthen self discipline and practice self accountability.

As I said to a friend recently, writing a book is like training for a marathon. It is a solo endeavour and you are the only one who knows if you are showing up every day to put the work in. The success or failure of the end goal, of completing that one goal, is yours and yours alone. It stands apart from the overall success of others in the field. That is outside of your control, but doing the work, that is all on you.

Self leadership is learned, like most important things, early on in life. Ideally it is modeled for you and is an ongoing conversation between you and those who care about you. Likewise, with personal power. However, there are other ways to come into both and other, sometimes surprising, reminders to stay the course.

Are you ignoring messages?

I have two questions for you. The first is – do you believe in synchronicity? The second is – when is the last time that you created a new project, vision or goal for yourself? The first question relates to what some of you may see as a “woo-woo” concept, and yet something I believe is a powerful pointer towards action. The second is about my encouragement to you to fulfill those unspoken dreams.

Synchronicity – that uncanny occasion of two things happening at the same time or in my case, a repeated message arriving in different ways. Dreams and angel cards. Woo-woo? Given the consistency of the message, repeated over time, I take it seriously.

When I was completely shut down in my life, I went from frequent dreamer to non-dreamer. Once I re-awakened to the notion that all things are possible, if I had the courage to follow them, the dreams returned in force. As I contemplated my next chapter of life and opened to the energy around me, my dream state became very vivid.

Cougars, Cards and Personal Power?

I don’t dream of animals much, so when I do, I want to know what it means. A dream which combined my hometown and a cougar sparked curiosity. When I researched the meaning of a cougar within a dream and considered the setting, it made perfect sense. Growing up I felt as if I had no personal power; the cougar in a dream represents coming into your own power. I had already made some life-changing decisions. This dream was a reminder to continue to act from that place of strength.

I recognized that to be the creator of my next chapter required stepping fully into my personal power. For too long, I lived within the shadows, the cougar dream was a prompt to take charge and continue to do so. Since then, I have learned about self leadership and making decisions which suit my values and vision.

I’ve received reminders in the last year, while undertaking the monumental task of writing a book, to continue to exercise personal power.

Several friends and acquaintances are healers from various modalities and own decks of cards known collectively, as spiritual message cards. They might be called “angel” or “oracle” but the intent is the same. Each card has a persona or symbol and each a message.  I will occasionally pull one, just to see. Over the last six months I have pulled the same message from different decks –personal power. Surprised? Yes, a little. But then I remember other times in my life where the message I needed arrived. Sometimes via a person, or just the right book. These coincidences, synchronicity, a reminder to pay attention. To move my life forward, the message was clear, find personal power and use it.

From Dreaming to Doing

Which brings me to my second question- when is the last time you created a new project, vision or goal for yourself? Often at the beginning of a new year we think about what could be and then allow that thought to dwindle away. Or, sometimes we hold an idea for months and even years, but never let it out to be explored or nurtured. I am writing a book which was just such a dream. I held it close for a decade until I finally allowed it light and air.

Why don’t people don’t pursue their dreams? Two that crop up are uncertainty and overwhelm. You know the old saying – “don’t put the cart before the horse”? This applies.

What I’ve learned in the process of writing my book, is that it is enough to focus on the writing. There are many steps to come after it is done, but first it must be written.

What if, like a participant at a 100% Event, you feel stuck? The child of the host wisely advised – just start.Fear keeps us from starting, because we are aware of how much we don’t know. Forgetting that we likely know enough to get started and can exercise our ability to learn what we don’t.

Trying to figure out everything before you get going absolutely pushes you to overwhelm. The trick is to begin. In this case – the participant, wanted to create a journal filled with inspirational quotes. Where do you start? By collecting the quotes. Then as you consider your next steps remember how fortunate your are to live in the age of information. From YouTube to online courses and good old fashioned people, the resources are endless.

The foundation to self leadership is choosing to exercise personal power. It pulls together the elements of vision, values and goals. To create a life which brings you the greatest meaning and fulfillment, using personal power is the best option.

If you are feeling stuck, need encouragement or the steps to take you from idea to completion, contact me and let’s talk.