What do you consider your biggest achievements? Are they from work, in your community or perhaps in your family? Or maybe you have more personal achievements.  A physical or emotional challenge which required you to really decide if and how you would rise to the occasion.

One of the hallmarks of self leadership is the belief that you can meet and handle any challenge that comes your way, this is what is meant by self efficacy. That term is not in everyday use, but it is powerful and different from self worth, or self esteem or even self confidence, because it really relies on pairing both the belief and the action to create change in your life.

Several years ago, I exercised this very thing, by choosing how to celebrate a milestone birthday. It was the beginning of creating this next chapter of my life. It was….transformative.


We all have pivotal moments in our lives; occasions when we decide what we want and how we will achieve it. Since that momentous birthday I have proceeded with intention about how I will celebrate “my day”. Not just because it is my birthday, but also because it marks a shift into embracing a whole new mindset. A mindset in which I decided to take my place in the world and begin to chart my course, rather than accept old stories and beliefs.

Believe You Can Handle Any Obstacle and Watch Your Achievements Grow

Other shifts in perspective, potential and possibility occur because of that one pivotal event. Once you realize that you are more than capable of finding solutions, managing the tough stuff, then you begin to take on new challenges. Why? Because instead of being afraid, you are interested to see where and what accomplishing those challenges will mean for you.

Personally, this is the year of challenges that span the physical, mental and emotional spheres of my life. In another week I will be participating in a two-day 150 km cycling fundraiser. Just 5 years ago I was barely walking, let alone considering such a significant physical challenge.

2019 is also the year in which I will publish my first book. This task has demanded far more mental perseverance than I expected. Self efficacy, the belief and the action, is seeing me through.

As for the emotional aspect, well we all have variations of that, don’t we? Relationships top the list, as we navigate the ever-changing landscapes in our intimate spheres. Deciding that those relationships are important, choosing to maintain and nourish them, even when they are difficult.

Self leadership is the understanding, the deep in your heart and soul knowledge, that it is possible to take on even life’s biggest obstacles and decide how you will meet them. Every time you choose to step up and take on new experiences, and trust you are indeed capable of handling them; then you build further confidence about your ability to do so again when the need arises.

It took a milestone birthday to help me see that I was capable of so much more. Past experiences can either hinder us or create the foundation for future achievements. By taking charge of our lives it is possible to bring our very best selves forward and in doing so live a happier and more fulfilled life than we thought possible.

What achievements are you most proud of? Do you have a similar pivotal moment in your life? If you do, leave a comment and let us know what it was and what changed for you.