Has your life stalled? It’s a personal question, only one which you can really answer, if you’re willing.

Recently I spoke to a group that had come together to celebrate their organization’s 70th anniversary. Their theme was Remember Yesterday and Look to the Future. That seems fitting for all of us, don’t you think?

As the years roll along, we have many yesterdays from which we draw stories. Stories about our choices, our accomplishments, our relationships and our traditions. Remembering those yesterdays, honoring them is indeed a part of our lives. It’s where our traditions and connections come from. However, we don’t want to get stuck in yesterday, do we? To become stalled in what was and lacking any stories of what we’re looking forward to?

Are the same old stories being told around the table?

Marking anniversaries is an important part of our experiences, but are we equally committed to creating new stories? New challenges that push our comfort zone from known to unknown? Even if just a little?

“Time and tide wait for no man. “ Chaucer.

We may wish that time waited, especially if we are faced with the end of something we’ve enjoyed. Or, if we fear what the end will bring.

Life has a way of rolling forward, whether we want it to or not.

Jobs, circumstances and even people come and go in our lives. Some are location moves, others are relationship changes and yes, some are due to the final passing in which those closest to us are no longer of this world.

Yet, have you discovered that when we accept that all things pass into yesterday, what we do today, matters?

This might be as simple as telling someone you appreciate them, or it might be signing up for a course you’re interested in or beginning a new fitness regimen.

If neither time nor tide wait, why do we?

The Tides of Change Are Never Stalled -Only Our Responses To Them

Is the lottery mentality keeping you on the sidelines? Are you waiting for the perfect moment? To have all the answers or exactly the right amount of money, skills or certainty? If you are, consider that your life may be stalled.

To live a life of continued meaning, requires you to continue making choices that move you forward. Knowing, as you do, that life is change, what circumstances are you willing to acknowledge are ready for some fresh life?

It takes some courage to review what was and plan for what’s next. But, if I were to ask you the following question, as I did the group I spoke to, what would you answer?

Here it is- If I had more courage I would_____________________.

All of us have something that sits at the back of our minds, in our hearts. In the very deepest parts of ourselves that we rarely or never share with others.

When I was sidelined with a back injury five years ago, that question circled my brain. If my back healed (and for awhile I wasn’t certain it would) what would I want to be doing with my life? What would change, how might I change?

Your Soul Is Yearning For You To Answer Its Call

So please, consider asking yourself that question and allowing what bubbles up to see some light.

Give yourself the chance to think about and feel what those ideas bring to you. Pleasure? Interest? Curiosity? Energy?

Beginning to act on those bubbles of inner promptings, moves you closer to making the changes that your soul is yearning for. One decision, one step towards what those callings are, mark the beginning of your next grand adventure.

It’s the interior shifts of your journey which move you forward. Not away from what was, but rather adding to the tapestry of your life.

If time and tide wait for no one, are you trying to do the impossible by holding onto your yesterdays?

Personal Leadership Is What Keeps You Out Of A Stalled Position

Personal Leadership is the conscious choice to take control of your life. To take responsibility and choose to ride the tides of change rather than drift on them.

So, I’m asking you again. Are you waiting for everything to be perfect? For the “t’s” to be crossed and the “I’s” to be dotted? Or are you willing to answer your soul’s calling? Knowing that only some of the journey will be revealed to you, while the rest will come as you continue to step forward into your future.

While it may feel uncomfortable, not knowing where your decisions will take you, I suspect that will become easier over time. No doubt you’ll find all the other emotions that come with choosing your next steps outweighing the uncertainty of knowing all the possible outcomes.

From Stalled To Creating New Stories

Five years ago, I wrote down -start a business, write a book, travel.

And, as you know, I’m mid stream in creating all those and so much more. Prior to finding the courage to set down my path, to choose what came next, my life had indeed stalled. It took a back injury and time to reflect on what I really wanted, to get it going again.

By all means, mark your special moments, but don’t forget to look to the future. To decide what will be next, so that you can add to your celebrations and anniversaries.

Why remain bound to old stories when you can Start Transforming Obstacles Into Opportunities For Personal and Professional Success, Today. 

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