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Story Garden

       Discovering Your Unique Stories For Your Marketing Needs

 This experience will help you to:

  • See your experiences in a new way and find the messages
  • Enhance your observation skills to add interest 
  • Unlock your unique and forgotten stories 
  • Mine all the possibilities from one story
  • Learn to see the life lessons
  • Turn mundane to magic


Possible side effects of completing this program:  increased curiosity, mind wandering, periods of self reflection, unexpected conversations,  and stopping mid-sentence to jot down an idea.  


You are a business owner who ....

...... on your marketing path rounds a bend and finds the most beautiful garden.

As you look more closely, you realize the garden is filled with your experiences,  the stories -your stories of what brought you into  business.

And you realize  this garden  is meant to be shared. 

Intuitively  you know that the best way to do that is through speaking,  because... increases your visibility, elevates you  as an expert in your industry, and brings new clients. 

  But, before you speak you need stories.

Story Garden is  a 4 week group hybrid program. It's designed to help you find your stories and their messages. 

 Using a unique blend of individual activities and conversation, combined with the power and synergy of a group, get ready to  unlock your impactful and inspiring stories.

Story Garden might be the most fun you'll have re-connecting to the stories of you! 


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Is this  program for me?

You’re likely ready for this experience if:

  • You’re open to new experiences as the gateway to your stories 
  • You're ready to connect to your audience differently
  • You’re ready to participate fully for your benefit and that of the group 
  • You have an “invest-in-yourself” mindset
  • You’re feeling compelled to be of greater service by sharing the stories that matter to your potential clients

You’re likely NOT ready to work with me if:

  • You prefer minimal accountability
  • You’re not open to trying new things which don't seem obviously connected
  • You prefer to use templates from someone else rather than create your own material 
  • You  don't enjoy talking about yourself 
  • Frances Hickmott

    “The results have been amazing. The program has re-energized my creative mind, the part that sees possibilities, connections and different perspectives. Each lesson brings increasingly meaningful insights... Frances has been an invaluable support and mentor along the way, sharing generously of herself and helping me ground and apply lessons learned. ”

I’m looking forward to hearing your story!

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