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Congratulations on joining the Global Self Leadership Summit!

You’ve taken the first step, but are you ready to invest in your future success? Buy the Lifetime Access pass now to view everything on your own time schedule.

Do you wish you had an expert for your own success?

I believe that we all deserve the self leadership knowledge of the experts that are routinely hired to mentor and coach top leaders to greater success. And I also believe that there’s no better time to share resources as we find the world shifting in unprecedented ways.

Be inspired by experts who’ve traveled the path you’re on now. People just like you who were looking for ways to become more successful, feel more fulfilled and meet and beat the challenges and obstacles in their way.


This summit is our chance to help you cut through the noise and find the information that will help you now and for years to come.

Learn from the best, hear their stories and discover the strategies they’ve learned and developed to help leaders at every level.

  • Defining self leadership and understanding why the best leaders are grounded in its principles
  • Increase self awareness for more effective interactions
  • Challenge limiting beliefs
  • How self knowledge keeps you from becoming a follower and builds your self confidence
  • Why routines and habits matter and how to use them for optimal results

It doesn’t matter where you are now, each expert will share their stories and give you the tools and steps you need to set out on a new path to lasting success.

What if I Can’t Make it to All the Live Sessions?

I get it. Life is more complicated and uncertain.

We’ve entered the age of “new normal” and that includes how we use our time.

Don’t let watching the live summit interviews be one more thing that drops off your to do list.

Instead, invest in yourself.


With the All-Access Summit Pass package, you can watch these powerful interviews on your time. When you’re at your best and when you can most effectively absorb and implement the material.

And, not just the material in the interviews, but the many tools and resources our experts have generously offered to you for free.

Imagine what it will mean to you by owning the material. You will have the chance to use a powerful principle when it comes to success: The power of studying material again and again.

For true mastery, repetition of any material is necessary. Hearing, seeing, doing. Success comes from repeated opportunities to do all three and that’s what your all-access pass will do for you.

Why upgrade to an all access package?

Our international experts will inspire you to claim your personal power and finally reach your full potential

In the leadership arena, self leadership is rarely talked about, but as these experts know, live and teach, it’s the secret behind creating a fulfilling and meaningful life. Each one gives you a different part of the self leadership puzzle grounded in personal and professional experience.

Additionally, what they share with you will change how you view your own obstacles and potential, now and in the future.

The practical & actionable tools & resources they share will transform the decisions and path you create for reaching your success – regardless of where you are now.

Our experts know that inspiration and motivation aren’t enough to make progress. What you need are the tools and mindsets to help you grow and achieve success as you define it. Every session is crafted to give you actionable strategies and steps.

The summit is designed for you to succeed.

Our experts are committed to seeing you succeed and delivering the advice and information that can help you regardless of where you are on the journey to success. Of course, it means you must be willing to implement those steps and that’s why I created a summit handbook. So that you can capture your ah ha moments and define what your next step will be.

The private community will help you excel.

No one does this work in isolation. Community. Accountability. Mentoring. Inspiration. All of our All-Access Summit Pass holders get a bonus membership to our private Global Self Leadership Summit Facebook group, where you can connect with me, our experts, and other summit attendees.

Your All-Access Summit Pass is just $147

Typical conferences, seminars, and retreats require a large investment of time, travel and money. The Global Self Leadership Summit saves you time and money. Claim your pass now, you’ll pay only $147. Without an All-Access Pass, when the summit is done, your access goes away too. Get it now and don’t risk missing out on the wisdom of our Self Leadership Experts.

The All-Access Summit Pass Includes

Video interviews (mp4) $900 value

Audio Interviews (mp3) $300 value

Valuable bonuses

What You’ll Learn

The Best Way to Nurture Your Mindset For Success

How We Self-Sabotage Our Own Success

How to battle imposter syndrome and self doubt

How to use failure as a springboard for the future

Why Finding Someone Who has Been There is the Fastest Route to Success

How to create your own map of success

How Knowing is Different than Being and Why You Must Get Out of Your Head

Why true leadership doesn’t happen until there’s mastery of self leadership


Our self leadership experts will inspire you to stake your claim and finally reach your full potential

No matter who you are, implementing the strategies our experts recommend will give you results you can build on for long-term, lasting success. Guaranteed.

In my own life I’ve seen the power of self leadership. When I stopped asking why things happened to me and instead started asking what I could do to change the outcomes, positive changes accelerated in every area.

Recent global events have shaken our perspective and taken us from certainty to uncertainty and challenged us to think in new ways.

If you’re ready to grab the full potential of what it means to be a leader in EVERY area of your life, then you don’t want to miss out on the knowledge contained in these interviews.

What does your future hold if you don’t embrace the knowledge of these self leadership experts?

Don’t be the kind of person who becomes stuck in an unsatisfying and unfulfilling life desperately seeking a path to lasting achievement. Instead, embrace the resources and lessons here to calm the chaos and give you lasting tools to meet every “new normal” that appears.


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