Life experience around the ups and downs

Frances brings more than knowledge of growth practices designed to illumine our greatness and the blocks to it. She brings life experience around the ups and downs. She brings heart. She brings humour. She reaches out and reaches in and helps you feel normal and fully capable of stepping out of the old same old same old into a bright new world. We laughed a lot in our group. And we opened up the harder stuff inside. Frances creates a safe and welcoming space to name our blocks and our deep desires for our lives. Thank you for coming to our town, Frances.

Kimberly Ananda Mallett

Authentic connection is what we seek

I believe people are hungering for connection, and authentic connection includes our own willingness to be vulnerable. Definitely not easy, but desperately needed and wholly worthwhile. Yes, your story was authentic – and worth telling.


Sheila Stevenson

Inspirational and Uplifting

I am the business owner of Now-Wellness and event coordinator for the Women’s Warrior Retreat. The Women’s Warrior Retreat is for women who are sexual assault survivors. It is a safe place where the survivors unite together, where friendships are made and wounds start to heal. We had Frances as a Motivational speaker at our event. Her speech was beyond inspirational and uplifting. The survivors were asked to rate her presentation and she received 10 straight across the board. Frances was beyond professional given the nature of the event. I highly recommend Frances as a Speaker, and look forward to having her speak at future events.

Jenna Gallagher

Open to new concepts

She was interesting, humorous at times, empathetic, and held everyone’s attention. The presentation certainly touched on a lot of points that TOPS tries to impress on members – that to succeed with our weight loss journey we must change our habits, our mindsets, and be open to new concepts and ways of doing things.

Linda Bolton
TOPS ON5316 Strathroy

Get a hold of negative self-criticism

Loved the choice of topic! If we can all just get ahold of that negative self-criticism, we’d get so much farther ahead!


Pam G.

Get out of a rut

Frances has helped me discover myself again and helped me to become the strong woman I am today as I was 30 years ago. If anyone finds themselves in a rut – not sure of how to get out of it, Frances is your answer. My thoughts on what to do to with myself to have a more fulfilling life are now becoming a reality. I can do this! Thank you Frances for guiding me along the way with your questions and suggestions.

Kathy LeBlanc

I have the power

The understanding that I alone have the power to live the life I want. That personal leadership is understanding what you want from life and then taking the steps to get there.

Jen K.

Be the driver

Fran’s ability to identify key issues, discuss multiple perspectives and provide solid recommendations helped me redefine myself while navigating a period of transition in my life. She asks the hard questions while her positive outlook and encouragement directs you to determine personal values, investigate alternatives and envision realizable goals. If you’re interested in being the driver rather than letting life just happen, I recommend Fran.

Michele S.

Sense of humour

I have worked with Frances in a variety of capacities over the past twenty years. I have found her to be consistently creative and forward-thinking. Her strong business sense is enhanced by excellent people skills and an indefatigible sense of humour, likely arising from her genuine appreciation for humanity, warts and all.

Elizabeth Traynor
Siskinds LLP

Found a new lease on life

If you are feeling a little lost about what’s next in your life, the 100% Event is exactly what you need! This workshop helps you gain clarity on your dreams/goals, identify some of the obstacles that might be getting in your way to achieve them, and come up with a few action steps to overcome these obstacles. I really enjoyed the group setting of the workshop. It was fun, very interactive and it allowed my friends and I to spend some quality time together, learning a little more about each other in a very supportive and safe space. I couldn’t recommend this workshop enough.

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