Book Excerpt – Chapter One – Restlessness

Restlessness is discontent — and discontent is the first necessity of progress. Show me a thoroughly satisfied man — and I will show you a failure.” Thomas Edison

Restless, unsettled and unhappy.

It was the unhappiness that puzzled me. Didn’t I have everything to look forward to? Wasn’t this my time? There were no resounding reasons to be unhappy, yet I was. Unhappy and restless and uncertain about what to do with any of it.

Honoring those feelings, instead of backing away or trying to bury them are the biggest game changers you can make.

Restlessness is uncomfortable and makes us edgy. It’s because change is afoot and most of us would say we don’t like change, fear it even. Or is that a story we have concocted as adults? An easy, if unsatisfying means of staying within our comfort zone.

If babies weren’t restless, they’d never learn to walk

If you think about babies, they experience all kinds of change. The physical of course, they are growing and learning in countless ways. And yes, part of that is due to being restless.

Consider that there’s no good reason for a baby to move from sitting to standing. Sitting, they are fully catered to. Needs are met, people come to the baby. But, as they look around and see there’s more, clearly there is an internal push, a drive to become more independent and explore on their own.

Restlessness is our cue that it’s time to start moving.

Our invitation to challenge ourselves. We get itchy to use more of our talents, to see what we are made of, to expand our horizons, just like infants do when they move from sitting to standing.

When our restlessness is pulling us into unseen waters, a part of the journey is based on faith. We can only guess at the outcomes and must accept there will be unforeseen results.

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